Companies using H2O


H2O is a high-performance, secure HTTP/2 server that was developed in C by Kazuho Oku. It is designed to handle large volumes of traffic while providing fast and reliable connections. H2O supports the latest version of HTTP, which offers several advantages over its predecessor, including multiplexing, header compression, and server push. Additionally, H2O uses TLS encryption to protect against security threats and ensures the safety of the data being transmitted over the network. Overall, H2O is an efficient and robust web server that offers enhanced performance and security features.

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264 companies are currently using H2O



8 Employees$45K - $12K$97K united kingdom..49%Export
Integrated Automation Ltd..

leaders in providing worl..

12 Employees$27K - $21K$87K new zealand24%Export

15 Employees$5K - $49K$76K japan5%Export
Online Communications

online are experts in tec..

34 Employees$39K - $24K$93K new zealand39%Export
Greenlight Insurance Brok..

we make sure your insuran..

26 Employees$25K - $10K$54K new zealand53%Export
National Personnel Ltd

35 Employees$2K - $12K$75K new zealand3%Export
Stadium K.K.

connecting to talent, acr..

26 Employees$48K - $18K$68K japan50%Export
Manage My Rental

we manage rental properti..

6 Employees$47K - $28K$64K new zealand81%Export
NZ Force Construction

building smarter for the ..

19 Employees$34K - $37K$85K new zealand95%Export
NPL (National Personnel L..

npl group are industry le..

9 Employees$29K - $5K$58K new zealand57%Export
Integrated Mechanics

delivers first-rate heavy..

4 Employees$19K - $44K$51K new zealand45%Export
Vortex Group Limited

vortex hydro, vortex elec..

14 Employees$15K - $31K$63K new zealand77%Export
Bizwise Accounting & Soft..

accounting and software c..

4 Employees$49K - $28K$62K new zealand46%Export
McKay Lang Ltd

truly, client focused

6 Employees$46K - $3K$91K new zealand45%Export
PCI Projects Ltd

project management consul..

8 Employees$31K - $5K$72K new zealand9%Export

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Using H2O for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing H2O is a valuable resource offering a wealth of opportunities for sales teams. By knowing who is leveraging this fast and secure HTTP/2 server, teams can identify industry leaders and technologically advanced organizations that are prioritizing speed and security in their web server infrastructure.

Recognizing the list of H2O users as a fertile ground for prospecting, sales professionals can target organizations that are clearly committed to high-end technologies. Furthermore, businesses on this list likely have a high regard for innovative solutions, considering that H2O is written in C and is widely respected in the technology sector for its speed and security capabilities.

With such a list, sales teams can also carve their focus towards specific industries or business sizes showcasing a preference for H2O. This would provide them with a clearer understanding of their target market, enable them to optimize their sales pitch to the specific needs and characteristics of these businesses, and ultimately improve their lead conversion rates.

Another significant benefit of this list is that it provides opportunities for cross-selling or upselling. Companies using H2O could be prospects for related products and services, considering their evident interest in superior web server technologies. This can therefore streamline the sales process and increase success rates.

Regardless of the type of the product or service that sales teams have to offer, understanding what technologies potential clients employ can help personalize sales propositions. By demonstrating an awareness of their potential customer's technical environment, sales representatives can position their product or service more effectively, ultimately improving their chances for conducting a successful sale.

Overall, the list of companies using H2O serves as an express route to finding qualified leads. Utilizing this directory can help sales teams to enhance their prospecting process, personalize their sales strategy, and close deals more efficiently.

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