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Goftino is a web-based chat service that enables online users to communicate with each other in real-time. It allows businesses to engage with their customers and provide instant support for their inquiries or concerns. With Goftino, website visitors can easily initiate chats with support representatives without leaving the website. The platform offers various features such as chat history, file sharing, chat routing, and analytics. It also provides customization options to match the website's branding and design. Businesses can use Goftino to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales conversion rates, and reduce response time. Overall, Goftino is a powerful tool for boosting customer engagement on websites and providing seamless support.

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1,870 companies are currently using Goftino


PayamGostar-پیام گستر

فناوری در مدار مشتری

80 Employees$16K - $18K$84K iran, islamic ..45%Export
Otaghak | اتاقک

اتاقک، سامانه اجاره آنلای..

47 Employees$40K - $42K$99K iran, islamic ..91%Export
Ratin DM Agency | آژانس د..

خیال شما راحت

38 Employees$44K - $11K$100K iran, islamic ..96%Export
Takhfifan | تخفیفان

we are so proud of having..

111 Employees$43K - $50K$59K iran, islamic ..93%Export
Tether Land

simplicity is the ultimat..

31 Employees$33K - $7K$92K iran, islamic ..34%Export
Falnic (IranHP) - فالنیک،..

عرضه کننده محصولات اچ پی،..

78 Employees$48K - $26K$51K iran, islamic ..58%Export

nilram international comp..

25 Employees$32K - $21K$84K iran, islamic ..37%Export
Amin Investment Bank

financially wise

49 Employees$31K - $34K$94K iran, islamic ..6%Export

iran's first market place..

97 Employees$38K - $6K$80K iran, islamic ..71%Export
Kian Digital

leading wealthtech in ira..

62 Employees$8K - $40K$54K iran, islamic ..6%Export

enterprise evolution plat..

14 Employees$34K - $6K$62K iran, islamic ..6%Export

increase the value of ira..

59 Employees$42K - $49K$95K iran, islamic ..29%Export
باسلام | Basalam

a social marketplace

188 Employees$38K - $6K$54K iran, islamic ..28%Export
سایت تخفیف و خرید گروهی ن..

75 Employees$16K - $13K$55K iran, islamic ..30%Export
BimeBazar | بیمه بازار

motivated to get better e..

92 Employees$36K - $8K$77K iran, islamic ..32%Export

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Using Goftino for finding leads

This list showcases a broad range of businesses using Goftino technology. It features diverse sectors, company sizes, and geographies – a substantial database for a business looking to extend its reach.

The list's value is rooted in its ability to provide a comprehensive view of potential B2B opportunities in which a company's product or service might fulfill requirements or enhance offerings. It offers a head start in identifying suitable leads that might benefit from alignment with your business.

Sales teams can sift through the information entailed to navigate towards companies that match their target profile. The list allows for strategic approach planning, knowledge about the prospective lead's industry, and understanding their current technology stack, in this case, Goftino.

This can assist sales teams to tailor their pitch effectively, demonstrating a deep understanding of the business and offering unique insights on how their product or service might complement a Goftino-driven environment. Additionally, the list serves as a reliable guide for market segmentation, thus enabling sales teams to focus their efforts and resources on sectors showing the most promise.

The resource can also provide insights into the competitive landscape within a specific industry segment, detailing companies that may not be direct competitors but operate in the same space and use comparable technology.

Overall, the list offers a wealth of information and potential connections to businesses using Goftino, assisting in developing more focused, target-oriented sales strategies.

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