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GoAhead is an embedded web server that provides a platform-independent, small-footprint HTTP server for devices with limited resources. It was developed by Embedthis Software LLC and released under the MIT license. GoAhead can be used to embed dynamic HTML content in applications, remote data retrieval, device control, web-based configuration, and other network-enabled services. It is designed to work with most operating systems and hardware platforms, has minimal dependencies, and consumes very little memory and processing power. GoAhead features include basic authentication, SSL/TLS encryption, CGI scripting, and multiple IP address support. The web server can be configured using a simple configuration file or through an API that allows dynamic updates at runtime. GoAhead has been used in a wide range of applications such as routers, VoIP phones, printers, and security cameras because of its small size, low resource usage, and flexibility.

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8 companies are currently using GoAhead


Leuville Objects

conseil, formation et ing..

13 Employees$2K - $26K$87K france13%Export

la seguridad de tener a l..

1 Employees$8K - $17K$76K spain67%Export

2 Employees$13K - $47K$93K spain41%Export

- Employees$10K - $47K$93K united kingdom..73%
Litmus Public Relations C..

- Employees$37K - $27K$87K united kingdom..55%Export

- Employees$20K - $48K$95K -27%Export

- Employees$44K - $7K$99K united kingdom..38%
AV Toy Store

- Employees$19K - $18K$72K united states ..2%Export

Using GoAhead for finding leads

This curated list presents an array of companies that utilize GoAhead in their operations. It offers substantial value by providing a resource-rich avenue for sales teams to identify potential leads. Fundamentally, the list is a mapping of organizations that have acknowledged the importance of efficient, concise, and robust web server technologies like GoAhead.

Access to such specialized information exposes sales teams to a variety of opportunities. In understanding which companies use GoAhead, teams can tailor their product or service pitches to address the specific needs or challenges that may arise in the usage of this technology. By doing so, conversation with prospective leads can be personalized and targeted, providing a higher chance of successful engagement.

Moreover, this list gives sales teams an insight into a company's tech-stacks, being a clear indicator of the fact they value technology that is easy to embed, highly reliable, boasting a small footprint. This information can help tailor their approach when demonstrating their products or services to these potential leads.

In addition, by analyzing companies on the list, sales teams can identify patterns and trends common among GoAhead users. For example, they might be able to point out specific industries where GoAhead is particularly popular. This broad understanding can further refine lead targeting.

Lastly, by knowing who is already using GoAhead, sales teams can better identify the competition and position their offerings more strategically.

In conclusion, this comprehensive list serves as a powerful tool for sales teams, enabling them to generate solid leads by providing tailored solutions for the clientele they are targeting.

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