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Glassix is an omnichannel messaging platform designed to streamline the communication process for service, sales, and support centers. An "omnichannel" platform suggests that it integrates multiple communication channels like email, text, social media, live chat, and voice calls into a single unified system, thus providing a seamless customer experience regardless of the chosen mode of communication.

The fundamental purpose of Glassix is to simplify and streamline customer service communication, promote more effective sales conversations, and enhance support interactions. It equips organizations with tools that foster clear communication, prompt responsiveness, and personalized service to customers.

This platform boasts features like AI-based bots, real-time analytics, automatic call distribution, and CRM (customer relationship management) integration. Using artificial intelligence, Glassix can automate various parts of the communication process, such as initial customer interactions or frequently asked questions. With real-time analytics, it enables businesses to closely monitor and improve their customer service efficiency.

Furthermore, Glassix can auto-distribute calls based on various parameters, ensuring that customer inquiries are routed to the most appropriate representatives. The platform's CRM integration facility allows businesses to synchronize customer communication with their existing CRM software for a more coordinated and effective customer service operation.

In action, Glassix is usually implemented by businesses looking to improve their customer interactions across multiple channels and platforms. For example, it can be used in a call center environment to promptly route customer phone calls, automate certain interactions with AI, and track performance metrics for continual improvement. Similarly, it can be used by an online store's customer service team to receive and respond to inquiries via email, social media, live chat, and even voice calls, all through a unified platform.

Regardless of the setting, the primary use of Glassix remains the same: to facilitate seamless, efficient, and personalized customer interactions across multiple communication channels. It serves as a comprehensive tool that addresses the needs of businesses looking to enhance their customer service operations and deliver superior customer experiences.

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158 companies are currently using Glassix



97 Employees$47K - $6K$79K israel48%Export
morning by Green Invoice ..

morning by green invoice ..

92 Employees$16K - $43K$92K israel88%Export

business digital platform..

6 Employees$19K - $20K$96K israel92%Export
Harel Insurance & Finance..

insurance and financial s..

1,688 Employees$4K - $18K$89K israel62%Export
המסלקה הפנסיונית Swiftnes..

45 Employees$12K - $11K$63K israel76%Export
H.Y. Group קבוצת ח.י

the h.y. group is one of ..

89 Employees$23K - $31K$97K israel39%Export

מהיום לומדים אחרת

8 Employees$3K - $40K$86K israel65%Export
Harel Finance

‏harel finance offering a..

63 Employees$4K - $14K$83K israel96%Export

the best fresh produce an..

7 Employees$38K - $43K$53K israel11%Export
AposTherapy Israel

לנצח את הכאב בהליכה

12 Employees$12K - $2K$67K israel12%Export
Cibus | pluxee

taking employee benefits ..

76 Employees$25K - $46K$98K israel50%Export
Kishurit Call Center Serv..

27 Employees$17K - $8K$57K israel1%Export
Pama Leasing פמה ליסינג ..

serving tens of thousands..

23 Employees$13K - $24K$67K israel34%Export
Technolite Lighting

12 Employees$49K - $29K$60K israel76%Export
Carmel Winery

cheers to moments of joy

47 Employees$3K - $45K$94K israel1%Export

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Using Glassix for finding leads

This webpage showcases a comprehensive list of companies that utilize the omnichannel messaging platform, Glassix. This list is highly valuable as it provides an encapsulating view of organizations extensively leveraging Glassix for their service, sales, and support functions.

The list's value lies in several factors. Firstly, it's an indicator of a trend that companies are moving towards employing advanced communications platforms to streamline their customer interactions. It hints at an overall increase in the adoption of such tech in various industry sectors. Secondarily, it also reflects the scalability and versatility of Glassix as a powerful tool capable of supporting diverse company profiles.

Sales teams can greatly benefit from this list. By analyzing it, they can identify patterns and trends among companies already using Glassix. It allows for strategic targeting, focusing on organizations that share characteristics with the listed companies. These could range from size, industry, customer base, to shared business challenges.

Additionally, this list can act as a tool for lead qualification - a tangible benchmark helping to recognize the prospective businesses that are more likely to be interested in similar solutions. Finally, sales teams can also utilize it for competitive analysis to understand who their competitors are serving and how to capitalize on potential opportunities.

In short, this list can prove to be a treasure trove of information, placing invaluable resources at the fingertips of sales teams. It’s a versatile and practical tool for identifying, qualifying, and prospecting leads, essentially empowering sales teams in strategizing and achieving their objectives.

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