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Gladly is a customer service platform that helps businesses provide a seamless and personalized experience for their customers. The platform brings together all customer interactions across various channels, such as email, phone, chat, text, and social media, into a single view.

Gladly enables businesses to create a unified profile of each customer, which includes their contact information, purchase history, and previous interactions. This allows customer service representatives to have a complete understanding of the customer's needs and preferences, enabling them to offer quick and personalized resolutions to their queries.

The platform also provides intelligent automation features, such as routing inquiries to the most suitable agent based on their expertise and workload, or automating routine tasks like order tracking or appointment scheduling. Gladly's AI-powered insights give businesses visibility into trends, sentiment analysis, and other metrics related to customer satisfaction, helping them to improve their services continuously.

In addition, Gladly offers integrations with other popular tools and platforms, such as Salesforce, Shopify, and Zendesk, allowing businesses to streamline their workflows and enhance their capabilities.

Overall, Gladly is a powerful solution for businesses looking to elevate their customer service experience by providing personalized, efficient, and convenient support across all channels.

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263 companies are currently using Gladly



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82 Employees$18K - $49K$61K united states ..34%Export
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212 Employees$42K - $40K$56K united states ..11%Export
Peak Design

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200 Employees$29K - $20K$54K united states ..53%Export

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Using Gladly for finding leads

Gladly, as a leading customer service platform, is used by a diverse range of businesses across various sectors. The list of companies using Gladly found on this page serves as a valuable resource for sales teams. It provides a comprehensive view of potential leads, all of which have recognized the importance of customer-centered service, as evidenced by their use of Gladly.

Having a target list of companies that already understand and value customer service can streamline the prospecting process. Businesses on this list have already demonstrated an investment in their customer service strategies, increasing likelihood of interest in related products or services that sales teams may offer.

Moreover, this curated list can enable market segmentation. By understanding the industries these companies operate in, and the scale at which they're using Gladly, sales teams can tailor their strategies accordingly. For instance, offering customized solutions to small businesses or enterprise deals to large corporations. Details provided in the list for each company, such as industry type and company size, allow sales teams to approach potential leads with more precision and personalization.

In addition to this, the list can potentially provide insights into market trends and needs. A decrease or increase in companies from a specific industry using Gladly can indicate waning or burgeoning interest in customer service within that sector. Such market intelligence can inform a sales strategy and ensure more targeted and timely approaches.

In short, this list is a valuable tool for any sales team looking for a strategic, data-driven approach to lead generation. Utilizing this list will enable sales teams to target their efforts more effectively and increase their chances of successful lead conversion. Utilize this list as a stepping stone to discovering and securing potential leads who value quality customer service, just as much as the sales team values a high-potential lead.

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