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Flourish is a powerful data visualization and storytelling platform that empowers users to transform intricate data into compelling, interactive visuals and narratives. It provides a highly accessible and customizable medium for users to craft data-driven stories in the form of engaging charts, maps, and explorable data graphics.

An array of built-in templates allows users to choose a suitable format for presenting their data. These templates range from simple bar graphs and scatter plots, to more complex types such as hierarchical diagrams or geographic maps. Importantly, these are not static images; users can insert interactive elements to allow the audience to explore data by zooming, hovering, or clicking on different parts of the visualization. This interactivity allows viewers to engage with the data, fostering a more profound understanding of the information conveyed.

While designed to be usable without the need for programming expertise, Flourish also offers a robust set of features for advanced users. The flexibility of the platform facilitates importing data directly from spreadsheets, databases, or APIs. This extensive interoperability ensures a seamless transition between data sources and the visual techniques used to represent them. Further, the platform supports a 'Data API' for managing and automating data flows, and a 'Template API' for developers who wish to create their own visualization templates.

Flourish also optimizes the sharing and embedding of the created visualizations. The platform generates a unique URL for each project, which can be shared directly or embedded into a webpage. It works smoothly across devices, ensuring a minimal loss in user experience when viewed on tablets or mobile phones.

In a business environment, Flourish can help stakeholders understand complex data, identify patterns, and make informed decisions. It can also facilitate data-driven journalism, supporting research and development activities, educational initiatives, or any case where conveying data effectively is paramount. It's a flexible and robust platform that caters to a range of user capabilities, from beginners seeking out-of-the-box solutions, to developers and data scientists looking for customizable tools.

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162 companies are currently using Flourish



the leading enterprise pl..

111 Employees$6K - $9K$77K united states ..47%Export

strategy | design | build..

85 Employees$40K - $7K$62K united states ..7%Export
Unite America

country over party.

42 Employees$10K - $19K$81K united states ..74%Export
Verisk Maplecroft

verisk maplecroft is a le..

142 Employees$28K - $14K$62K united kingdom..59%Export

independent and global. w..

171 Employees$11K - $26K$62K united states ..59%Export
SharesPost (Acquired by F..

sharespost is now forge g..

10 Employees$49K - $19K$89K united states ..64%Export
Haitian Times

the most authoritative vo..

35 Employees$6K - $12K$95K united states ..17%Export
Cambria Solutions

helping our clients innov..

29 Employees$12K - $44K$88K united states ..52%Export

the most powerful investi..

31 Employees$34K - $45K$73K india58%Export

información libre e indep..

48 Employees$8K - $41K$58K spain96%Export
Reinsurance Group of Amer..

trusted partner. proven r..

3,754 Employees$30K - $43K$98K united states ..89%Export

powering the private mark..

327 Employees$12K - $29K$75K united states ..83%Export

ey vodw supports large co..

53 Employees$48K - $23K$54K netherlands22%Export
Grant Thornton (US)

audit & assurance, tax an..

12,512 Employees$41K - $26K$68K united states ..95%Export
Climate Policy Initiative..

helping governments, busi..

206 Employees$39K - $19K$73K united states ..49%Export

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Using Flourish for finding leads

This curated list of organizations using Flourish technology is an invaluable resource for sales teams. It provides an operational landscape of businesses that value data visualization and effective communication of complex information. With accessibility to such a directory, finding potential leads that align with sales objectives becomes significantly simplified.

The list offers several benefits in lead prospecting. Here are some ways it can be instrumental for sales teams:

  1. Highlighting Trends: This list provides insight on the industries or sectors that most commonly implement Flourish services. Such data can give sales teams a broader understanding of market trends, helping match solutions appropriately.

  2. Identifying Opportunities: The list serves as a compass that directs sales teams to businesses that are likely to be seeking advanced, interactive data visualization tools. This can lead to well-targeted pitches and improved lead conversion rates.

  3. Facilitating Personalized Outreach: Understanding a prospect's tech stack, including the use of Flourish, allows sales teams to tailor their conversations and value proposition to the prospect's specific needs and circumstances, thus enriching their outreach efforts.

  4. Competitor analysis: The companies using Flourish might be using similar products as well. Analysis of their choices can serve as a guiding star for sales specialists, aiding them in refining their selling strategies and standing out from competing vendors.

Summing up, the provided list is not just a mere appendix of company names. It's a valuable database that helps uncover new businesses, grasp industry trends, understand the specific needs of prospects, and create more tailored and effective sales approaches. It's a strategic compass for business growth.

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