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EZproxy is a web server software and a significant technology used predominantly in the library environment. It functions as a reverse proxy, serving as an intermediary between library users and digital resources such as online journals, databases, and e-books. These could include academic resources such as Scopus, PubMed, or Web of Science.

One of the main functions of EZproxy is to provide secure and authenticated access to these electronic resources, all while ensuring privacy protection for its users. It achieves this by re-writing the URLs of these resources, leading users through the EZproxy server, which verifies their credentials before granting access to the database in question.

When the library's patrons try to access a subscription-based or licensed educational resource from outside the library's network, the EZproxy software checks whether they are authenticated users. This is typically determined based on the user credentials in the library's management system or an associated institution's Student Information System (SIS). If authentication is successful, EZproxy then provides access to the resource, managing the session to ensure it remains secure and restricted to the authenticated user. This process is generally transparent to the user.

In addition to managing user authentication, EZproxy also serves to protect privacy, making the user's IP address hidden from the database provider, and thus ensuring that their online activity is not exposed.

By acting as the intermediary, EZproxy enables libraries to extend their digital services to remote users such as distance learning students or research scholars who need access beyond the library's physical premises. The benefits are twofold: libraries can leverage their digital offerings, and users can take advantage of a wider array of resources from any location.

For service providers and publishers, EZproxy provides a standard and secure means of access control. Instead of developing and managing separate login systems for hundreds of library networks, they can rely on the EZproxy software to handle authentication, thus reducing complexity and ensuring consistent access policies.

In summary, EZproxy is a crucial piece of technology that enables libraries to serve their patrons better by facilitating secure, authenticated access to electronic resources, protecting user privacy, and expanding the resource availability to a wider user base across multiple locations.

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Using EZproxy for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing EZproxy offers a well-curated collection of organizations that value the importance of web servers and reverse proxies for providing authentication and privacy to their digital resources. With EZproxy primarily used by libraries to manage access to databases like Scopus, PubMed, or Web of Science, this list becomes an invaluable resource for lead generation that crosses the chasm between technology and academia - specifically libraries, research institutions, and educational bodies.

Sales teams, particularly those with service offerings or products designed for the library or education sector, can leverage these lists to reach out to potential leads, who already have familiarity with similar technologies or have needs related to resource authentication and privacy. Targeting such organizations can increase the success rate of the lead conversion as these companies are already operating in the relevant technological sphere.

Moreover, it's also beneficial for sales teams offering complementary services or solutions – data security, further privacy protection, or educational digital software. Organizations on the list are likely more aware of and open to discussions about improving their current systems, making the process of connecting and initiating conversations far smoother.

Likewise, if a product or service is intended to integrate with platforms like EZproxy, knowing which companies use this technology directly aids in prioritizing potential clients. By focusing marketing and sales efforts on these companies, it reduces the need for broad market exploration and increases strategic campaign's efficiency.

In conclusion, a comprehensive list of companies using EZproxy can provide a vital foundation for finding and pursuing leads that potentially have a high probability of conversion. This targeted approach reduces wasted effort on poorly matched prospects, making it a beneficial tool in a sales team's arsenal.

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