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EraofEcom WinAds is a comprehensive Facebook Pixel app designed specifically for Shopify. It is an all-in-one solution that makes it easier for online businesses to manage their Facebook advertising campaigns efficiently. The app provides a variety of features such as automated product sync, advanced audience targeting, and optimization options to help users increase their ROI (return on investment) from Facebook Ads.

One of the primary benefits of EraofEcom WinAds is that it helps users save time by automating their ad creation and management process. The app automatically syncs products from the Shopify store to the Facebook catalog, making it easier to create and optimize product ads. Additionally, users can leverage advanced audience targeting features that allow them to target specific groups of people, such as previous customers or website visitors.

The app also offers advanced optimization options, allowing users to set up automatic bidding strategies and track their ad performance in real-time. With this information, users can make data-driven decisions and adjust their ad campaigns to improve their results. Overall, EraofEcom WinAds is an excellent tool for Shopify store owners who want to maximize their Facebook Ad campaigns' effectiveness while minimizing their time investment.

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233 companies are currently using EraofEcom WinAds


Knack, Inc.

products that make it eas..

9 Employees$32K - $46K$98K united states ..85%Export
High Beauty

say high to beautiful ski..

9 Employees$21K - $6K$52K united states ..55%Export

your everyday snack – mon..

12 Employees$15K - $4K$97K sweden58%Export
Dechoker LLC

because every seconds cou..

9 Employees$19K - $31K$61K united states ..24%Export

let's do this!

18 Employees$16K - $38K$75K united kingdom..2%Export
Toyo Kombucha

it's tea, but fermented

10 Employees$5K - $19K$64K india62%Export
Old Spike Roastery

reducing homelessness thr..

16 Employees$8K - $4K$94K united kingdom..69%Export
Eskayvie Sdn Bhd

empowering the economy an..

105 Employees$30K - $28K$57K malaysia5%Export
AMMA Healing

amma brings healing, bala..

12 Employees$33K - $22K$81K united states ..38%Export
Schoolay Technologies Pri..

Learn it, wear it & play ..

9 Employees$12K - $43K$100K india76%Export
Franz Wilhelm Langguth Er..

"seit 1789 ist innovation..

38 Employees$32K - $10K$69K germany34%Export
Derm to Door

derm to door is an innova..

7 Employees$38K - $27K$60K united states ..18%Export
La Cana

trabajamos con mujeres en..

33 Employees$17K - $34K$70K mexico38%Export

uk's no.1 vegan vitamin g..

6 Employees$41K - $38K$61K united kingdom..10%Export

elevated everyday jewelry..

10 Employees$18K - $40K$63K united states ..38%Export

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Using EraofEcom WinAds for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing EraofEcom WinAds presents a thriving landscape of potential customers for businesses selling complementary products, services, or solutions relevant to ecommerce, Shopify, or Facebook advertising. The value of this list extends beyond mere numbers, opening a wide gateway to the world of opportunities for sales teams.

Prospective clients who already choose EraofEcom WinAds show familiarity and comfort with utilizing ecommerce technology, specifically tools for Facebook advertising. This suggests they are likely more receptive to digital solutions aimed to boost their sales, conversions, or online reach. Therefore, this list acts as a vetted group of prospects—businesses capable of and interested in leveraging digital technology to optimize their ecommerce ventures.

Additionally, since these companies are harnessing the power of Shopify's platform, the list also helps identify businesses focused on ecommerce. This information enables sales teams to tailor their pitch or solution in a manner that speaks to ecommerce-centric challenges and opportunities.

Moreover, understanding that these companies employ EraofEcom WinAds—a specialized Facebook pixel app—sales teams can infer these businesses are actively involved in Facebook advertising. Knowing this, sales professionals can align their offerings accordingly or pitch products or services that enhance or augment their Facebook ad initiatives.

Sales teams can further prioritize their outreach by focusing on the companies that have found real value in such a niche technology like EraofEcom WinAds. By concentrating their efforts on these potential leads, the teams can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their lead prospecting, and ultimately, boost their sales conversion rate.

In closing, the list of businesses leveraging EraofEcom WinAds is a robust tool that can empower sales teams to direct their efforts towards the most appropriate leads, creating a more streamlined and effective sales process.

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