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Droz Bot is a technology that allows brands to provide customer service through social media chat apps. It is a chatbot that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each brand and it can be used on multiple channels at the same time. This means that customers can interact with the chatbot on their preferred platform, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram Direct.

The Droz Bot is designed to provide quick and efficient responses to customer inquiries. It uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to understand customer messages and provide appropriate responses. It can also integrate with existing customer service systems, making it easy for brands to manage all their customer interactions in one place.

One of the key benefits of using Droz Bot is that it can help brands save time and money on customer service. By automating common inquiries, such as product information or order tracking, the chatbot can free up human agents to focus on more complex issues. It can also operate 24/7, providing customers with support outside of regular business hours.

Overall, Droz Bot is a valuable technology for brands looking to improve their customer service and engagement on social media platforms. It offers a customizable and efficient solution for managing customer inquiries, helping brands to save time and resources while delivering a better customer experience.

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32 companies are currently using Droz Bot



Temos como propósito apro..

84 Employees$47K - $37K$82K brazil89%Export
King of Lenses

uma lente para cada momen..

11 Employees$7K - $8K$71K brazil19%Export

Tudo pra fazer você feliz..

9 Employees$26K - $3K$83K brazil28%Export
Época Cosméticos

161 Employees$29K - $5K$87K brazil68%Export
coob+ viagens

coob+ a mesma coobrastur ..

141 Employees$22K - $38K$58K brazil76%Export
Colégio Santa Maria

aqui se aprende a amar a ..

725 Employees$5K - $25K$82K brazil82%Export

conectando talentos para ..

302 Employees$37K - $13K$64K brazil41%Export
Racon Consórcios


164 Employees$32K - $27K$96K brazil57%Export
G Tech Manaus

Somos a sua melhor soluçã..

1 Employees$12K - $40K$65K brazil28%Export
My Digital Tecnologia da ..

Voz para seu Negócio: CCa..

1 Employees$20K - $22K$59K brazil62%Export
Pueri Bilíngue Candanguin..

38 Employees$50K - $16K$73K brazil1%Export

Ser callwe é fortalecer o..

2 Employees$45K - $29K$53K brazil85%Export
Fraldas Pom Pom

12 Employees$18K - $44K$74K brazil58%Export
Coobrastur Viagens E Turi..

6 Employees$17K - $3K$55K brazil8%
Lojas Eskala Comércio De ..

7 Employees$19K - $17K$98K -3%

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Using Droz Bot for finding leads

Having access to a list of companies using Droz Bot provides an invaluable resource for sales teams. It affords direct insight into organizations already committed to enhancing their customer interactions through advanced, multi-channel chatbot technology. The value of such a list is multi-dimensional.

The list embodies a broad spectrum of organizations distinguished by their industry, scale, geographical location, and priority on customer experiences. Utilizing this list, sales teams can identify and segment an array of potential leads - organizations that recognize the advantages of customer service automation but might be seeking superior or additional features.

Moreover, since all these companies are using Droz Bot for efficient customer service across multiple social apps, they inherently understand the significance of automated and AI-driven customer support. Thus, they are more likely to be open to discussions about products or services that could further enhance their customer service experience or automate other significant aspects of their operations.

Sales teams may also gain insights into industry trends or explore possible partnerships or affiliations with these organizations. It can provide a prolific avenue to directly communicate value propositions and build valuable business relationships.

In essence, this compendium of companies using Droz Bot serves as a trove of potential leads. They're advanced-enough to incorporate AI in their customer interactions and might be looking to invest further in their infrastructure. As such, they present a unique opportunity for sales teams to present relevant, symbiotic solutions, making this list an important tool in lead generation.

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