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DeskPro Chat is a real-time communication software that allows customers to connect with helpdesk agents via chat. It is a part of DeskPro's multi-channel helpdesk software that enables businesses to manage customer requests across various channels including email, forms, social media, voice, and chat. DeskPro Chat facilitates instant messaging between customers and support teams, allowing them to provide immediate assistance and resolve issues quickly. The software also offers features such as chat routing, pre-chat surveys, canned responses, file sharing, and visitor tracking. Businesses can personalize the chat experience by customizing the chat window design, adding branding elements, and configuring automated messages. DeskPro Chat provides businesses with an efficient way to handle customer inquiries in real-time while improving customer satisfaction through prompt and effective customer support.

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8 companies are currently using DeskPro Chat


Translation Empire Ltd

translation empire - prov..

16 Employees$28K - $19K$89K united kingdom..67%Export

offering a single voice p..

214 Employees$29K - $40K$93K united states ..33%Export

how it should be. comme ..

331 Employees$11K - $40K$57K canada67%Export
Loop Internet

17 Employees$5K - $39K$76K united states ..56%Export
Sprintrade S.r.l.

4 Employees$11K - $49K$83K italy85%Export

webhosting, domains, virt..

5 Employees$32K - $2K$99K greece86%Export
Hosting Services

10 Employees$6K - $22K$71K greece25%Export
Pre2Post Inc.

4 Employees$21K - $16K$82K canada34%

Using DeskPro Chat for finding leads

This particular list of companies provides tremendous value because it identifies organizations that are actively leveraging DeskPro Chat to manage their customer requests through various channels including chat, email, forms, voice, and even through social media. Companies on this list have taken the initiative to adopt comprehensive helpdesk solutions to streamline their support mechanisms and enhance customer interactions, demonstrating their commitment to delivering superior customer service and maintaining customer relationships.

For sales teams, this list is a gold mine of prospects. It pinpoints organizations that are ready and willing to invest in cutting-edge solutions to handle their customer communications more efficiently. Given their penchant for innovation, these companies could also potentially be interested in other products or services that enhance their customer management processes, improve productivity, or solve other related issues. These could include advanced CRM solutions, additional software integrations, automation tools, analytics software, and more. This list helps sales teams in identifying companies with a clear awareness, and potentially a budget allocated towards, technological improvements that drive customer satisfaction, providing a foothold to initiate relevant, value-oriented sales conversations.

Moreover, sales rep can also use this list to tailor their pitches or demos to describe how their offerings complement or enhance the DeskPro Chat functionalities that these companies currently use. Sales teams can better understand their prospective customer’s pain points and offer relevant solutions, thus increasing the chances of successful conversions.

In summary, the list of companies using DeskPro Chat is a powerful tool for sales teams. It not only provides clear prospects, but also offers insight into the tools and systems these companies value for customer service management, allowing for more direct and effective sales strategies.

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