Conjured is a company that offers services to Shopify brands which includes developing Shopify apps and custom development.

5 Companies using Conjured

Gnarly Nutrition

push your possible

13$48K - $9K$58K united states ..52%
Sourse Inc

nutrition science company..

27$27K - $26K$96K united states ..98%

-$41K - $10K$6K france88%
Napa Soap Company

2$43K - $46K$6K -24%
India Rose Cosmeticary

2$25K - $8K$80K canada55%

How to use Conjured

If you are a Shopify brand, you can use Conjured to enhance your online store's functionality and improve customer experience in the following ways:

  1. Shopify Apps: Conjured offers a range of Shopify apps that can be easily integrated into your store to achieve specific goals. For example, their app "Stockly" allows you to display real-time inventory levels to customers, which can help increase sales by creating urgency. Similarly, their "CartHook" app enables you to offer post-purchase upsells, increasing average order value.

  2. Custom development: If you have a specific need that is not met by existing Shopify apps, Conjured can develop custom solutions to meet your requirements. For example, they could create a custom checkout process to simplify the checkout experience for your customers, or build a custom integration with a third-party software you use.

Overall, using Conjured's apps and custom development services can help you optimize your Shopify store, improve customer experience, and increase conversions.

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