Coin Currency Converter
Coin Currency Converter

Coin Currency Converter is a Shopify app that enables automatic currency conversion for online stores. It automatically detects the location of the customer and converts the prices of products to their local currency. This helps customers to easily understand the pricing of products and reduces the hassle of manually converting the prices. The app supports over 160 currencies, and it updates exchange rates hourly to ensure accuracy. Coin Currency Converter is easy to install and use, and it seamlessly integrates with a Shopify store’s theme. With this app, online store owners can provide a better shopping experience for their customers from all around the world, increase their sales, and reduce cart abandonment due to confusion over pricing.

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101 Companies using Coin Currency Converter

the Awkward Yeti

Webcomics. New York Times..

5$4K - $43K$61K united states ..30%
Campus Protein

your one-stop, supp-shop ..

36$17K - $7K$69K united states ..23%
Walkway Management Group,..

industry leading franchis..

10$9K - $1K$7K united states ..85%

18$40K - $15K$0 australia85%
The Yellow Door Store

8$22K - $19K$67K india70%
Baynes and Baker

Innovation that meets sty..

5$47K - $12K$64K united states ..19%
H. Lorenzo

37$7K - $49K$68K united states ..35%

we make movement better –..

7$30K - $47K$72K united kingdom..84%
The Basket Room

beautiful baskets handmad..

8$35K - $22K$4K united kingdom..10%
WHIMworks Inc.

whim is the next media mo..

11$44K - $2K$98K canada93%
Test Tutor Publishing

-$11K - $15K$67K united states ..92%
Katya Komarova

Contemporary Leather Good..

2$42K - $44K$7K australia93%
Ollech & Wajs Zürich

swiss made since 1956

5$35K - $4K$46K switzerland18%
Hot Futures

in the name of positivity..

6$27K - $28K$68K united kingdom..82%
Whisky Galore, (H.L.Milne..

purveyors of the finest w..

5$22K - $14K$92K new zealand65%

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How to use Coin Currency Converter

Coin Currency Converter is a useful app for Shopify store owners who need to convert their store's currency into other currencies. Here are the steps to use the Coin Currency Converter app:

  1. Go to the Shopify app store and search for "Coin Currency Converter."
  2. Click on the "Add app" button to install it.
  3. After installing, you will be prompted to choose the default currency of your store.
  4. You can then choose up to 5 additional currencies that you want to display on your store.
  5. The app will automatically convert prices on your store in real-time based on the exchange rates.
  6. Customers can also use the currency converter to change the displayed currency of the store.

By using this app, you can provide a better shopping experience for customers all over the world by displaying prices in their local currency. This can increase customer trust, reduce cart abandonment, and ultimately lead to more sales.

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