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Cloudflare Zerocat, also known as Cloudflare Workers or simply Workers, is a serverless computing platform offered by Cloudflare. It allows developers to deploy and run JavaScript code at the edge of Cloudflare's global network of data centers.

With Cloudflare Workers, developers can build and deploy applications without having to manage or maintain servers. The platform handles all of the infrastructure, including scaling, load balancing, and security.

One of the key benefits of Cloudflare Workers is that it enables fast, low-latency responses to user requests. Because the code runs at the edge of the network, it can respond to user requests much faster than if the code were running on a traditional server located further away from the user.

Cloudflare Workers also provides a high degree of flexibility, allowing developers to build complex applications with ease. The platform supports a wide range of programming languages, including JavaScript, Rust, and TypeScript, and it integrates with popular developer tools like GitHub and Visual Studio Code.

Overall, Cloudflare Workers is a powerful tool for building and deploying modern, scalable web applications. Its ease of use, flexibility, and speed make it a popular choice among developers looking to build high-performance applications that can handle large amounts of traffic.

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4,709 companies are currently using Cloudflare Zaraz


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