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Flying Pages is a WordPress plugin that aims to improve website performance by reducing page load time. It works by preloading pages when users hover over links, so that the pages are ready to display instantly once clicked on. This technique is called "pre-fetching".

By pre-fetching pages in the background, Flying Pages can reduce the amount of time needed to load subsequent pages, leading to a faster and smoother user experience. This is particularly useful for websites with a lot of content or high traffic volume.

Flying Pages also includes other features such as DNS prefetching (resolving domain names before loading the page), cache preloading (refreshing cached files in the background), and async/defer loading of scripts (loading scripts without blocking other elements). These techniques further help to speed up page load times.

Overall, Flying Pages is a useful tool for website owners looking to boost their site's performance and improve the user experience. By reducing page load times, it can also boost SEO rankings, as search engines tend to favor faster-loading sites.

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6,778 companies are currently using Flying Pages



vectara is the trusted ge..

60 Employees$9K - $47K$86K united states ..84%Export
Stargate Hydrogen

stargate hydrogen deliver..

47 Employees$32K - $29K$94K estonia91%Export

we transform how companie..

191 Employees$11K - $48K$64K united states ..60%Export

autonomous test generatio..

94 Employees$11K - $42K$56K united states ..4%Export
Reveal Biosciences

ai-powered pathology

28 Employees$8K - $28K$100K united states ..59%Export
VIC Tech

investing in a healthy fu..

48 Employees$35K - $2K$99K united states ..96%Export

transforming field sales ..

60 Employees$17K - $5K$95K united states ..78%Export
AC Lion Digital Executive..

powering innovation by br..

48 Employees$47K - $35K$82K united states ..61%Export

rethink immersive

71 Employees$46K - $43K$54K united states ..60%Export
PHP Agency, Inc.

fastest growing financial..

7,454 Employees$25K - $27K$60K united states ..75%Export
Mend: for Mental & Behavi..

making mental and behavio..

48 Employees$34K - $11K$71K united states ..18%Export
JumpStory - Images with I..

📸 use jumpstory if you a..

28 Employees$47K - $43K$92K denmark57%Export

creating a world where th..

63 Employees$41K - $29K$98K united states ..42%Export
Wholesale Investor

creating opportunities fo..

47 Employees$31K - $10K$53K australia57%Export
Scoot Networks

electric vehicles for eve..

19 Employees$17K - $10K$76K united states ..

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Using Flying Pages for finding leads

This list of companies using Flying Pages provides a unique opportunity for sales teams to identify potential leads based on their dedication to optimal website performance. These forward-thinking organizations have shown their investment in delivering the highest quality user experience by leveraging Flying Pages, a performance optimization plugin for WordPress websites.

This list serves two main purposes.

Firstly, it can be used to identify companies that prioritize web performance, a key factor in user satisfaction and search engine rankings. This value indicates a commitment to using top-tier resources to ensure their website is as efficient and user-friendly as possible. For businesses offering complementary services or products such as website design, SEO optimizations, or other performance-enhancing solutions, this list can help identify potential clients that already understand and appreciate the importance of website performance.

Secondly, for businesses in the WordPress ecosystem, this list could serve as a starting point to identify potential partnerships. Many of these companies may be open to exploring additional WordPress plugins or services that further optimize their website or increase their operational efficiency.

The true value of this list lies in its role as an effective lead prospecting tool which can drive growth by connecting businesses to the right targets. Employ this curated list as an integral part of the strategy to build out a pipeline with quality leads who understand the necessity and importance of excellent web performance.

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