Companies using Jetpack

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin developed by Automattic that provides a variety of features to enhance and extend the functionality of WordPress websites. It includes security, performance, site management, content creation, and visitor engagement tools. Jetpack offers a suite of services such as site stats, automated social media posting, backups, malware scanning, and more. Additionally, it has various modules like forms, galleries, and custom CSS, which can be enabled or disabled depending on the user's needs. Jetpack also provides site acceleration through its Content Delivery Network (CDN) and image optimization features.
Overall, Jetpack simplifies the management of WordPress sites by offering multiple functionalities in a single plugin without relying on third-party services or plugins. This way, users can get all the essential features to run their website without having to install multiple plugins, making their website faster and easier to manage.

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396,866 companies are currently using Jetpack



crafting stories, buildin..

26 Employees$42K - $34K$51K united states ..44%Export
Fort Worth Report

independent, paywall-free..

29 Employees$44K - $28K$68K united states ..26%Export

qbdvision is the leading ..

36 Employees$4K - $37K$79K united states ..74%Export
She Built This City

empowering women of all a..

12 Employees$11K - $22K$82K united states ..72%Export
Power TakeOff

revolutionizing the way u..

95 Employees$5K - $41K$58K united states ..80%Export
Nymbl Science

a highly engaged digital ..

34 Employees$7K - $33K$61K united states ..58%Export
JMW Consultants

boldy human. impact obses..

77 Employees$2K - $24K$73K united states ..94%Export

petalite is an award-winn..

43 Employees$49K - $4K$94K united kingdom..58%Export
Feed Media Group (FMG)

making it easy, fast, and..

54 Employees$19K - $27K$63K united states ..99%Export
Phase Genomics

blueprints for biology™: ..

31 Employees$22K - $11K$53K united states ..63%Export

artificial intelligence, ..

41 Employees$18K - $24K$75K united states ..97%Export
Pira Consulting

an information technology..

18 Employees$5K - $23K$77K united states ..64%Export
Piñata Rent

piñata is the nation's pr..

23 Employees$42K - $43K$69K united states ..83%Export

safer outcomes for office..

63 Employees$6K - $16K$86K united states ..21%Export
Shape Robotics


30 Employees$25K - $31K$52K denmark71%Export

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Using Jetpack for finding leads

This curated list of companies provides an extensive database of businesses that use Jetpack, a renowned WordPress plugin. The value of this roster of companies ranges from intriguing insights into data trends to specific prospects for outreach.

Discover which industries are leveraging Jetpack's functionalities and infer industry trends. Discover if businesses of certain sizes or sectors are more likely to utilize Jetpack. This information can inform and enhance the targeting strategy of sales teams, helping refine the approach towards organizations that align with these profiles.

Moreover, the list is conducive to lead generation and prospecting. Businesses utilizing Jetpack may require related services or products, making them viable prospects for companies that provide complementary or supplementary solutions. In other words, if an organization's offering is built to augment the functionality of Jetpack, or perhaps offer an alternative, the leads on this list could be highly qualified.

Finding new leads becomes a systematic and precise process with this list. Sales teams can tap into a pre-qualified range of leads, knowing these companies are already invested in similar technologies and thus, may show interest in their own offerings. Unearth potential clients who understand and value technology like Jetpack, and are possibly looking for ways to further optimize their digital presence.

Perform direct outreach to these companies or use this information to tailor more effective sales and marketing strategies, increasing the likelihood of conversions. Understanding the specific needs and pain points of these companies can lead to more effective pitches and more successful sales conversations.

In conclusion, the list of companies using Jetpack isn't just a list of names—it's a tool for insight, strategy refinement, and lead generation. It's a stepping stone to reaching companies that are forward-thinking in their adoption of technology, and could prove invaluable for sales teams looking to connect with potential clients.

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