Azure Monitor
Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor is a monitoring service provided by Microsoft Azure that collects monitoring data from various Azure and on-premises sources. It helps in maximizing the performance and availability of applications and services by giving insights into resource usage and application performance. Azure Monitor provides features like custom dashboards, alerts, and analysis of metrics and logs to help identify issues and resolve them quickly. It also supports integration with other Azure services such as Azure Automation, Log Analytics, and Application Insights for more advanced monitoring capabilities. In summary, Azure Monitor offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring and troubleshooting applications and infrastructure hosted in Azure or on-premises, allowing for optimal performance and availability.

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How to use Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor can be used to collect monitoring telemetry from various sources, both on-premises and in the Azure cloud. This collected data allows you to gain insights into the availability and performance of your applications and services.

To use Azure Monitor, you first need to configure the sources of telemetry data that you want to monitor. This can include application logs, performance metrics, and other types of monitoring data. Once you've configured the sources, Azure Monitor will begin collecting this data and storing it in a central location.

From there, you can use Azure Monitor to create custom dashboards and alerts that help you keep track of important metrics and respond quickly to issues as they arise. For example, you could set up an alert that triggers whenever a certain performance threshold is breached, allowing you to proactively address potential problems before they become serious.

Azure Monitor also integrates with other Azure services, such as Application Insights and Log Analytics, to provide a more complete picture of your application and infrastructure performance. With these additional tools, you can gain even deeper insights into the behaviour of your applications and services, making it easier to optimise performance and ensure high availability.

Overall, using Azure Monitor provides you with a powerful set of tools for monitoring and managing your applications and services in Azure. By leveraging the insights provided by Azure Monitor, you can improve the reliability and performance of your systems, ensuring that they meet the needs of your users and customers.

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