12 Companies using Cherokee


product analytics, sessio..

40$33K - $9K$313K united states ..85%

-$47K - $31K$0 netherlands46%
Agencja ISBnews

Informacyjny Serwis Bizne..

4$37K - $35K$95K poland88%
Servicios de Relaciones I..

19$27K - $39K$64K mexico8%
Château de la Guerche

-$42K - $13K$66K france20%
Schützenverein Altenhain ..

-$12K - $43K$69K germany92%

-$49K - $7K$94K france37%
Chengdou WUHOU District S..

-$16K - $6K$91K china94%
Generál Csoport Kft.

-$2K - $28K$95K hungary28%

-$50K - $5K$509 france77%
Stichting OpenUitgeverij

3$15K - $24K$578 netherlands57%

-$12K - $2K$55K france63%

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How to use Cherokee

Cherokee is a free and open-source web server that can be used to serve dynamic content. Here are the steps to use Cherokee:

  1. Installation: You can install Cherokee on your server by following the installation instructions provided on the Cherokee website.

  2. Configuration: Once installed, you will need to configure Cherokee to serve your website. The configuration process involves setting up virtual servers, adding rules, and configuring security options.

  3. Virtual Servers: To set up a virtual server in Cherokee, you will need to create a new virtual server and specify its hostname and port number. You can then add rules to the virtual server to handle requests for specific URLs or file types.

  4. Rules: Cherokee provides a number of built-in rules that you can use to handle requests. For example, you can use the Rewrite rule to redirect requests, or the Directory rule to specify the location of files that should be served.

  5. Security: Cherokee provides a number of security options that you can configure to protect your website. For example, you can enable SSL/TLS encryption, set up access controls, and enable logging to track activity on your server.

Overall, Cherokee can be an excellent choice if you are looking for a lightweight, flexible, and secure web server for serving dynamic content. Its easy-to-use interface and powerful features make it a popular choice among developers and system administrators.

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