ChatStack is a live chat software that can be installed and hosted on a website's server. It allows website visitors to communicate with the site's owner or support team in real-time through a chat interface. The self-hosted model gives the website owner complete control over the chat system, including access to data and customization options, without relying on third-party services. ChatStack can provide several benefits to businesses and organizations, such as improved customer service, increased engagement, and lead generation, among others. Additionally, it is typically easier to integrate into existing websites than external chat services, and it can be customized to match the look and feel of the site. Overall, ChatStack is a useful tool for businesses looking to improve their customer communication and engagement on their website while maintaining full control over the chat system.

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155 Companies using ChatStack

Afentis Forensics

insight into evidence

11$11K - $17K$0 united kingdom..91%
HALDRUP GmbH - Field Rese..

growing the future by kno..

17$28K - $42K$0 germany93%
Abu Dhabi Ports

143$29K - $47K$57K united arab em..66%
Whitelabel ITSolutions

Whitelabel ITSolutions is..

10$42K - $7K$0 united states ..85%
Metroplex Management Grou..

Leading and Mentoring tom..

47$30K - $12K$0 united states ..94%

live out your mission onl..

20$46K - $25K$71K united states ..18%
Chicago Marketing, Inc

Your Success is our Busin..

79$4K - $31K$442 united states ..
Blue Sky Bio, LLC

your partner in digital d..

17$10K - $10K$114K united states ..30%
International Computer Ne..

Do Better Deals & Manage ..

16$31K - $36K$97K united states ..8%
West Central Wireless

Call On Your Home Team

155$20K - $4K$14K united states ..75%
Balasai Net Pvt. Ltd.

india’s pioneer and relia..

38$49K - $46K$99K india89%
List+Lohr GmbH

sie machen business. wir ..

28$8K - $3K$67K germany62%

managed cyber security

5$23K - $44K$0 united kingdom..86%
Development Den Northwest..

Content built for long-te..

1$17K - $37K$98K united states ..93%
Tuxis (

high-end it infrastructur..

7$15K - $26K$21K netherlands26%

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How to use ChatStack

To use ChatStack as a self-hosted live chat software for your website, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download and Install: Firstly, you need to download the ChatStack package from their website and then install it on your server.

  2. Configuration: After installation, you need to set up the configuration options such as database connection settings, email notifications, chat widget customization, etc.

  3. Adding Chat Widget: Once configured, you can add the ChatStack widget to your website pages where you want to display the live chat button. You can also customize its appearance to match your website's design.

  4. Testing: After adding the widget, you can test the chat functionality by opening the website in a separate browser window and clicking on the live chat button.

  5. Managing Chats: When a user initiates a chat session, you will receive a notification and can start communicating with them via the ChatStack admin panel. You can view chat history, manage multiple chats simultaneously, and respond to user queries in real-time.

  6. Analytics and Reports: ChatStack also provides detailed analytics and reports to track your chat performance and customer satisfaction levels. You can monitor metrics like chat volume, response time, chat duration, and customer feedback to improve your service.

Overall, ChatStack is a powerful live chat software that can help you enhance your website's customer support and engage with visitors more effectively. By following these simple steps, you can easily set up and use ChatStack on your website.

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