Bold Product Options
Bold Product Options

Bold Product Options is a customisation app for Shopify which enables customers to personalize their shopping experience by viewing and selecting from unlimited options. This app provides the ability to offer product variants, bulk pricing options, image swatches, and many other customizations to improve customer choice and satisfaction. Bold Product Options allows for custom fields such as text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, and file uploads, which can be easily configured by store owners to offer options that match their products. By using this app, store owners can provide their customers with personalised product experiences that help boost engagement, conversion rates, and customer loyalty. With Bold Product Options, a Shopify store can achieve significant business growth, and its customers will have an enhanced online shopping experience.

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1,630 Companies using Bold Product Options

Abby's Better, Inc

To those seeking a health..

12$12K - $2K$67K united states ..57%
Baked In

happiness is homemade

11$5K - $37K$85K united kingdom..93%
Eat the Change

celebrating our #incredib..

30$27K - $19K$90K united states ..53%

high performance video so..

102$40K - $34K$87K united states ..74%
Blue Delta Jean Co.

bespoke, raw denim jeans ..

26$47K - $30K$15K united states ..54%

to celebrate intimacy and..

40$22K - $42K$34K united states ..84%
Steady Clothing

made in the usa since 199..

13$23K - $18K$18K united states ..100%
Integrated Engineering LL..

live fast, buy fun.

25$24K - $35K$58K united states ..66%
Ceci New York


21$49K - $9K$0 united states ..

the first luxury brand de..

168$50K - $36K$68K united states ..37%
Sh*t That I Knit

designed in boston. knit ..

12$23K - $6K$14K united states ..100%
Let's Dough it

dé online cookie dough st..

2$4K - $36K$84K netherlands21%
Kure Corp

86$30K - $29K$51K united states ..75%
Bravo Concealment LLC

dramatically change the w..

13$24K - $36K$91K united states ..60%
The Cupcake Collection

Our cupcakes taste homema..

8$38K - $4K$27K united states ..39%

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How to use Bold Product Options

Bold Product Options is a Shopify application that permits online store owners to offer their customers unlimited customization options for the products they sell. To use Bold Product Options, follow these steps:

  1. Install Bold Product Options on your Shopify store.
  2. Configure the app by selecting the product(s) you wish to customize and defining the custom options you want to offer.
  3. Set any pricing rules if necessary
  4. Customize the appearance of the custom options using the app's styling tools
  5. Preview the changes before publishing the customized product page
  6. Publish the customized product page on your Shopify store

With Bold Product Options, customers can easily add personalization or unique features to their selected products. Customers will be able to select from a variety of options such as color, size, style, font, pattern, or even upload a design of their own. These options will be visible on the product page and customers can make their choices which will then affect the total cost of the product.

By offering customizable options with Bold Product Options, you can attract more customers to your store and increase your sales. Additionally, you can use the app to gather valuable information about your customer preferences which can help you tailor your product offerings and create marketing campaigns that meet their needs.

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