Bold Chat
Bold Chat

BoldChat is a live chat platform that enables real-time communication between businesses and their customers. It allows customers to instantly connect with a representative of the business through a chat window on the business's website. BoldChat provides features such as automated greetings, chat routing, file transfer, and screen sharing to help businesses provide better customer service. The platform also has analytics to track chat volume and customer satisfaction. BoldChat can be integrated with other systems like CRM software, social media, and email marketing tools to provide a more comprehensive solution for businesses. Overall, BoldChat helps businesses engage with their customers in real-time, provide support, and build stronger relationships with them.

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776 Companies using Bold Chat


184$12K - $29K$3M united states ..82%
Exotics Racing

drive supercars, racecars..

55$14K - $10K$99K united states ..71%
Bild & Co

advisory services for sen..

35$38K - $2K$75K united states ..91%

118$20K - $6K$54K united states ..18%
Plaza College

Improving the lives of st..

166$22K - $34K$61K united states ..91%
Rexel Automation Solution..

your go-to partner for au..

83$1K - $33K$455K united states ..78%
Bealls, Inc.

a great place to b!

3,131$2K - $2K$40K united states ..78%
DealerPeak CRM

we ♥ automotive dealers! ..

34$35K - $37K$2K united states ..32%
Western Electrical Servic..

your power distribution s..

39$6K - $41K$0 united states ..78%
Middlesex Savings Bank

541$13K - $26K$200K united states ..77%
Markertek America's Broad..

100% employee owned!

45$36K - $45K$143K united states ..91%
Batavia Park District

Your Fun is Our Business!..

59$43K - $38K$10K united states ..90%
Rougier & Plé Graphigro

la grande maison des arts..

109$42K - $23K$176K france86%
Interplex OCP

127$25K - $21K$53K united states ..85%
WDM Architects P.A.

We do more.

21$9K - $7K$0 united states ..100%

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How to use Bold Chat

To use Bold Chat, you can follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a BoldChat account on their website.
  2. Customize your chat widget by selecting the design and placement that matches your website's branding and layout.
  3. Install the BoldChat code snippet on your website. This can be done either manually in your website's HTML or through one of the many available plugins for popular content management systems like WordPress or Shopify.
  4. Set up your chat routing and rules to ensure that incoming chats are directed to the right agent or department.
  5. Train your agents on how to use the BoldChat agent console to handle incoming chats, including how to respond to inquiries, escalate issues as needed, and track customer interactions.
  6. Monitor your chat activity and track your metrics to identify opportunities for improvement and optimize your chat strategy over time.

With these steps, you can leverage BoldChat to provide real-time support and enhance the customer experience on your website.

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