Beam OutSell
Beam OutSell

Beam OutSell is an app designed for Shopify that provides different features to increase sales for online stores. Its features include Frequently Bought Together, Discounted Upsell, and Also Bought. Frequently Bought Together allows customers to view related products that are usually purchased together, and encourages them to add more items to their cart. Discounted Upsell offers customers a discount when they purchase complementary products together. Also Bought suggests other products to customers based on what other buyers of the same product also purchased. All of these features help to increase the average order value of customers by offering them additional products or discounts at checkout. Overall, Beam OutSell helps Shopify store owners to improve their sales and provide a better shopping experience for their customers.

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123 Companies using Beam OutSell


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31$3K - $17K$58K peru91%
Knack, Inc.

products that make it eas..

9$26K - $48K$81K united states ..92%
eCreamery Ice Cream

personalized, gourmet, ha..

6$37K - $3K$29K united states ..62%
Masons of Yorkshire

the home of yorkshire gin..

11$33K - $3K$72K united kingdom..29%
Lisa Von Tang

sustainable, slow fashion..

9$35K - $32K$0 singapore89%
Boomers Forever Young

giving the gift of health..

9$41K - $50K$14K united states ..92%
The Cake Bake Shop

creating an unforgettable..

103$43K - $21K$88K united states ..52%

questions to start great ..

4$14K - $14K$14K united states ..93%
BINDERS Art Supplies and ..

28$11K - $41K$76K united states ..12%
American Home Fitness

fitness that fits your li..

23$8K - $21K$42K united states ..13%
Face Rock Creamery

cheese of great character..

10$44K - $35K$15K united states ..86%
The Cupcake Bar

celebrate everything!

15$27K - $43K$0 united states ..85%
Atlas Brands Group

we celebrate innovation a..

15$32K - $36K$63K united kingdom..75%
Triplett Test Equipment &..

quality and innovative te..

8$13K - $35K$60K united states ..80%
Infinite Cables

14$44K - $18K$57K canada60%

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How to use Beam OutSell

Beam OutSell is a Shopify app that offers various upsell options to increase your store's revenue. Here's how you can use it:

  1. Install the App: First, you need to install the Beam OutSell app from the Shopify App Store. Once you have installed the app, you will be prompted to connect your store with the app.

  2. Set up Upsell Offers: After installing and connecting the app, you can set up different types of upsell offers such as Frequently Bought Together, Discounted Upsell and Also Bought. These are great ways to encourage your customers to spend more money on your website by offering them related products or discounts when they buy multiple items.

  3. Customize Upsell Offers: The app allows you to customize the offers based on what makes sense for your business. You can choose which products to offer in the bundle or which discounts to apply to specific products. You can also adjust the visual design of the upsell offer widget to match your website branding.

  4. Monitor Performance: You can track the performance of the upsell offers using the app's analytics dashboard. This will give you insights into how your offers are performing, including click-through rates and conversion rates. Use this data to optimize your offers and maximize sales.

By implementing the above steps, you can increase your average order value and grow your business using Beam OutSell.

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