Beam AfterSell
Beam AfterSell

Beam AfterSell is a Shopify app that enables brands to create effective post-purchase offers. Its main objective is to help brands boost their revenue by providing recommendations and promotions to customers after they make a purchase. The app allows brands to create personalized and targeted campaigns that are designed to increase the customer's lifetime value. The campaigns can be set up easily using the app's drag-and-drop interface, which makes it accessible for both technical and non-technical users. Beam AfterSell also provides brands with insights into their customers' behavior, allowing them to identify buying patterns and trends. This data can be used to improve future marketing campaigns and create more relevant and engaging post-purchase offers. Overall, Beam AfterSell is an excellent tool for Shopify brands looking to maximize their sales potential. By creating powerful post-purchase offers, brands can enhance their customer experience and build lasting relationships with their audience.

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How to use Beam AfterSell

Beam AfterSell is a Shopify app designed to help brands create post-purchase offers that can help increase customer retention and drive more sales. In this article, we will explain how to use Beam AfterSell in 400 words.

First, you need to install the app on your Shopify store. After you have installed it, you can start creating post-purchase offers. To do this, click on the "Create Offer" button in the AfterSell dashboard.

Next, you need to choose the type of offer you want to create. AfterSell offers four types of post-purchase offers: upsell, cross-sell, bundle, and thank-you page offer. Upsell offers encourage customers to buy an upgraded or more expensive version of a product they just purchased. Cross-sell offers suggest complementary products that the customer might be interested in buying. Bundle offers bundle two or more products together at a discounted price. Thank-you page offers provide a discount code or other incentive for the customer's next purchase.

After you choose the type of offer you want to create, you need to set up the offer details. This includes the offer name, the products it applies to, the discount or promotion, and the conditions for the offer. You can also create custom messages and designs for your offer.

Once you have set up the offer details, you need to choose the timing of the offer. You can either show the offer immediately after the customer makes a purchase or delay it by a certain amount of time. You can also set the offer to only appear for certain customers or for certain products.

Finally, you need to preview and activate the offer. After you activate the offer, it will be live on your store.

Beam AfterSell also provides analytics to help you track the performance of your post-purchase offers. You can see how many customers viewed the offer, how many customers accepted the offer, and how much revenue was generated by the offer.

In conclusion, Beam AfterSell is a powerful tool for creating post-purchase offers on your Shopify store. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create effective and engaging offers that will help increase customer retention and drive more sales.

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