Autoketing Product Reviews
Autoketing Product Reviews

Autoketing Product Reviews is an application designed to help shop owners manage the product review section of their website. With this app, shop owners can easily import reviews from other platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress or eBay onto their website, and also enable customers to leave reviews on their products directly. Autoketing Product Reviews allows for customization of the review section, allowing shop owners to edit the style and design of the review section to match their website's theme. Additionally, the app comes with features that allow shop owners to moderate reviews by approving, hiding or deleting them. This provides greater control over the reviews displayed on the website, ensuring only high-quality reviews are visible to potential customers. By using Autoketing Product Reviews, shop owners can strengthen their brand reputation, increase customer trust and ultimately drive sales by providing a transparent and reliable review system for their products.

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17 Companies using Autoketing Product Reviews


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19$41K - $44K$91K india66%
Eighth Generation

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13$19K - $2K$62K united states ..7%

Dress Fearless

1$17K - $2K$71K united states ..62%

11$14K - $42K$69K canada95%

Buy Home Decor online - P..

-$17K - $44K$87K india77%
GOEX Apparel

Feel good. Do good. A bet..

20$4K - $1K$50K united states ..50%
Bouquet Ibérico

Somos una empresa familia..

-$18K - $36K$100K spain41%

home brand

-$12K - $18K$97K united kingdom..78%
Pasha Fine Jewelry

Family owned and operated..

5$15K - $14K$70K united states ..41%

minimal . timeless . clas..

-$10K - $44K$64K -1%
Karen's Body Beautiful

17$18K - $46K$54K -41%
The California Olive

3$5K - $23K$4K united states ..53%

-$45K - $37K$75K russian federa..6%
Diana Dolls Fashions Inc

-$18K - $3K$93K canada3%

-$26K - $37K$100K united states ..32%

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How to use Autoketing Product Reviews

Autoketing Product Reviews is a useful application that can help you manage the product review section of your website. Here are the steps to use it:

  1. Install Autoketing Product Reviews app: To start, you need to install the Autoketing Product Reviews app from the Shopify App Store.

  2. Customize Review Settings: Once installed, customize the review settings, the app lets you customize the look and feel of the reviews section on your website to fit your brand's aesthetics.

  3. Import Existing Reviews: You can import your existing reviews from other platforms or CSV files into Autoketing Product Reviews by using the built-in import feature.

  4. Request Reviews: You can request reviews from customers via email automatically after they have purchased a product, this will encourage the customers to write a review about their experience with the product.

  5. Moderate Reviews: Autoketing Product Reviews makes it easy to moderate the reviews section of your website, so you can publish or hide reviews as needed, reply to customer feedback or remove spammy reviews.

  6. Display Reviews on Your Website: You can display reviews on your website using different widgets such as a carousel, a grid view, a list view or a badge. These widgets can be customized to match your brand's design.

Overall, Autoketing Product Reviews provides a comprehensive solution for managing the product review section on your website, which can help you build trust and credibility with your customers.

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