Companies using Aurelia

Aurelia is a powerful and modern JavaScript framework that allows developers to easily create single-page applications. It is an open-source UI framework that provides all the necessary tools for building complex web applications without compromising on simplicity and ease of use.

One of the key features of Aurelia is its modular architecture, which enables developers to use only the parts of the framework they need, making it highly customizable and ensuring that applications are lightweight and performant. This also makes it easy to integrate with other libraries and frameworks, allowing developers to leverage existing code and expertise.

Aurelia's data binding capabilities are also noteworthy, providing a flexible and powerful way to manage application data and user interfaces. The framework includes two-way binding, allowing changes made by users to be automatically reflected in the application's data model, and vice versa.

In addition, Aurelia provides a comprehensive set of tools for testing, debugging, and performance optimization, making it easier for developers to build reliable and high-performing applications.

Overall, Aurelia is a robust and flexible framework that provides everything developers need to build sophisticated single-page applications quickly and efficiently. Its focus on simplicity, modularity, and performance make it an excellent choice for both small and large projects.

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169 companies are currently using Aurelia



your content. always on-b..

70 Employees$14K - $12K$52K australia90%Export

be tru to your values! fo..

5,995 Employees$11K - $26K$64K united states ..75%Export

investments that make a d..

26 Employees$23K - $15K$63K sweden94%Export
Trilogy Health Services, ..

you belong at trilogy

3,569 Employees$31K - $39K$100K united states ..34%Export
Hahn Software

your expert for artificia..

86 Employees$4K - $30K$88K germany95%Export
Proletariat Inc.

a blizzard entertainment ..

24 Employees$15K - $36K$95K united states ..80%Export

buy right. sell smart.

40 Employees$25K - $16K$79K south africa93%Export
Vicarious Visions

Join the VV Family! https..

104 Employees$13K - $19K$64K united states ..39%Export

11,849 Employees$16K - $44K$70K united states ..99%Export
LED FastStart

19 Employees$35K - $18K$83K united states ..85%Export
NASA Jet Propulsion Labor..

bold, inclusive, trusted...

9,529 Employees$34K - $12K$70K united states ..57%Export
Coles Group

Good things start here.

10,959 Employees$24K - $27K$83K australia98%Export
KinderCare Learning Compa..

building confidence for l..

13,602 Employees$40K - $16K$64K united states ..85%Export
TOPS Staffing, LLC

on-demand staffing soluti..

13 Employees$47K - $3K$88K united states ..55%Export
Pacific Union Financial, ..

382 Employees$15K - $31K$82K united states ..2%Export

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Using Aurelia for finding leads

The inclusion of a list of companies using Aurelia on this page is immensely valuable. It provides a unique opportunity to identify and connect with firms that prioritize modern, efficient, and agile web development by using Aurelia, a potent open-source tool for building UI JavaScript single-page applications.

This comprehensive list serves as a goldmine of potential leads for sales teams, catering to the specific needs of organizations that leverage Aurelia. The focus on a particular technology highlights dedicated sectors, fostering a more targeted approach to client acquisition.

Comprehending which organizations are integrating Aurelia explains crucial insights about their methods and directions, helping sales teams adjust their pitching strategies accordingly. For instance, these companies are most likely looking for solutions that offer high flexibility, modular architecture, progressive enhancement, which Aurelia provides. Being armed with this knowledge enables one to customize offerings and appeal to these specific pain points, thereby increasing the probability of sales success.

Moreover, knowing a company's tech stack can open up new avenues to deliver more relevant, technology-aligned products, services, or tools. For businesses that provide tech support, consulting, or software development services, these leads can mean a significant opportunity to pitch the value of their specific Aurelia-related services.

Sales teams can systematically screen and prioritize the listed companies based on their size, industry, and potential requirements. Similarly, businesses can set the groundwork for partnerships, collaborations, or long-term relationships based on shared technological interests.

Lastly, this list's perusal can help sales teams keep a pulse on market trends, recognize sector-wise technology adoption, and even predict future demands, staying ahead in a competitive market.

To summarize, the list of companies using Aurelia is a crucial asset, enabling sales teams to find leads more robustly, equipping them with substantial knowledge for targeted proposals, and paving the way for meaningful, tech-specific conversations with potential customers.

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