Attraqt is a company that offers search, merchandising, and personalization solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The AI technology used by Attraqt enables retailers to enhance their customer experience by providing personalized recommendations, search results, and product displays. Attraqt's solutions are designed to help retailers increase their online sales and improve customer engagement by delivering relevant and effective product recommendations. With Attraqt, retailers can optimize their online store for different devices, languages, and regions. The company provides an easy-to-use platform that allows retailers to manage their online store and access real-time insights on customer behavior. Overall, Attraqt's AI-driven solutions help retailers provide a better shopping experience for their customers, improve their conversion rates, and increase revenue.

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46 Companies using Attraqt

Sweet Squared

serving the pro with love..

91$2K - $44K$40K united kingdom..70%

33$24K - $17K$132K united kingdom..86%
Bobochic Paris

une marque 100% française..

52$36K - $20K$392K france88%

the moment of happiness w..

17$37K - $43K$192K united kingdom..92%
Forever New Clothing

1,269$11K - $48K$2M australia84%

67$48K - $30K$92K france87%

the hallmark of amazing p..

453$38K - $43K$1M united kingdom..97%

126$46K - $13K$195K spain73%
Howarth Timber and Buildi..

a family-run business for..

292$7K - $34K$68K united kingdom..21%
Pillow Talk Australia

for the love of comfort.

230$29K - $2K$50K australia24%
Oak Furnitureland

you don't just furnish a ..

746$28K - $26K$67K united kingdom..61%
Tile Warehouse

the home of everyday low-..

4$24K - $45K$59K united kingdom..6%
Selco Builders Warehouse

we’re the uk’s fastest gr..

1,136$43K - $37K$95K united kingdom..33%
Flora & Fauna

Helping Everyone Make Bet..

19$17K - $26K$176K australia67%
Nisbets New Zealand

market leading multi-nati..

6$49K - $2K$64K new zealand96%

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How to use Attraqt

Attraqt is an AI-driven tool designed to enhance users' online shopping experience. To use Attraqt, you need to integrate it into your website using their APIs. Once integrated, you will have access to a range of features that can help you optimise your website's search functionality, product merchandising and personalisation.

One way to use Attraqt is by leveraging its search capabilities. Attraqt uses advanced algorithms to provide users with relevant search results quickly. You can customise the search algorithm to give more priority to specific products, brands, or categories based on your business goals. Attractive visualisations can also be added, such as product images and videos, making it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

Another feature of Attraqt is its merchandising tools. With Attraqt, you can control how your products are displayed on your website. This includes the ability to create personalised product recommendations, upsell and cross-sell offers, and promotional banners. By utilising these tools, you can increase engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive sales.

Finally, Attraqt offers personalisation features. Using data from users' past interactions with your website, Attraqt can create unique experiences tailored to each user. This includes personalised product recommendations, dynamic landing pages, and targeted promotions. By providing a personalised experience, you can increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

Overall, Attraqt is a powerful tool that can help businesses improve their online shopping experience. By leveraging its advanced search capabilities, merchandising tools, and personalisation features, businesses can engage more effectively with their customers, increase customer satisfaction and drive sales.

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