Companies using Apache APISIX


Apache APISIX is an open-source API gateway developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It is designed to be cloud-native and offers a scalable and high-performance solution for managing and securing API traffic. An API gateway acts as an intermediary between clients and backend services, handling requests and enforcing policies such as authentication, rate limiting, and request transformations.

Apache APISIX supports various features such as dynamic routing, load balancing, service discovery, and traffic control. It provides flexible configuration options, allowing users to define routing rules and plugins to customize the behavior of their API gateway. With its cloud-native architecture, Apache APISIX can seamlessly integrate with modern infrastructure technologies such as Kubernetes and service mesh frameworks like Envoy.

By using Apache APISIX, organizations can efficiently manage and secure their API traffic at scale. It enables them to handle high volumes of requests while enforcing security measures and applying custom business logic. As an open-source project, Apache APISIX encourages community contributions and fosters innovation in the field of API management.

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143 companies are currently using Apache APISIX


Group Lotus

the official account of l..

2,041 Employees$8K - $19K$55K united kingdom..95%Export
Ernsting's family

... weil family für uns z..

600 Employees$28K - $25K$64K germany42%Export
Pionex US

cryptocurrency exchange w..

65 Employees$49K - $24K$98K united states ..43%Export

a google-backed ai compan..

244 Employees$21K - $22K$79K china37%Export
Jio Financial Services

59 Employees$29K - $45K$77K india87%Export
Lotus Cars USA

lightweight sports cars, ..

50 Employees$5K - $45K$74K united states ..81%Export
Octoparse - Octopus Data ..

get the data you need for..

16 Employees$20K - $3K$84K united states ..81%Export

powering your human power..

247 Employees$26K - $47K$55K germany58%Export
SANY Group

quality changes the world..

5,717 Employees$8K - $25K$67K china62%Export
Voilà For Creators

building the infrastructu..

2 Employees$5K - $26K$80K united states ..2%Export
SANY Port Machinery

quality changes the world..

45 Employees$13K - $32K$72K china39%Export
Diag Laboratories

112 Employees$39K - $28K$92K viet nam61%Export
IReader Technology Limite..

316 Employees$10K - $42K$51K china68%Export
WaterDrop Inc.

a leading technology plat..

226 Employees$39K - $41K$73K china91%Export
Careline Group Australia

14 Employees$14K - $34K$86K australia8%Export

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Using Apache APISIX for finding leads

The list of companies using Apache APISIX holds significant value for sales teams. It compresses the vast terrain of the rapidly evolving tech marketplace into a targeted resource, ensuring efficiency is kept high. This list reflects the organizations that have capitalized on the dynamic capabilities of the Apache APISIX, an open-source, cloud-native API gateway known for its scalability and high-performance.

The business spectrum of Apache APISIX users is broad, encompassing small, mid-size, and large companies. Therefore, the list provides a diverse pool of prospective clients to explore. Each of these companies has shown a desire to enhance their operations and secure their API traffic through the use of advanced technology. And their choice of Apache APISIX insinuates a commitment to using innovative solutions to drive their business forward.

Having such a neatly compiled list can enable sales teams to generate qualified leads more effectively, without draining valuable resources in extensive market research. Knowing exactly which companies use Apache APISIX can be a starting point of a tailored and highly targeted outreach campaign.

This list can unlock new verticals and reveal untouched prospects. Aligning these prospects with appropriate products or solutions can help sales teams strategize their selling approach more effectively. It can help identify potential cross-sell or up-sell opportunities with those companies and help in calculating the total addressable market for products or solutions they deal with.

To summarize, this list of companies using Apache APISIX is a treasure trove of opportunities for sales teams. It's not just a list of names; it signifies organizations with a taste for technology-driven growth. This orientation is a hint for sales teams to approach them with modern, scalable products or solutions, ensuring their outreach resonates with the prospects' approach to business. By focusing on these potential leads, the chances of securing a positive response increase exponentially, driving the efforts forward with each successful interaction.

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