11 Companies using AOLserver


Bereits seit 1996 steht d..

14$6K - $15K$58K austria85%
SymTrend, Inc.

-$43K - $42K$92K united states ..90%

1$40K - $7K$58K united states ..90%
Palomarin, Inc.

Technical strategy consul..

-$46K - $32K$89K united states ..58%
AV Toy Store

-$38K - $10K$0 united states ..76%

3$19K - $35K$0 -85%

1$27K - $9K$76K -69%

1$11K - $33K$1M united kingdom..45%
JD Blayer Ltd

2$7K - $2K$1M -46%
Björn Kiesbye -Softwareen..

-$36K - $11K$74K germany93%
Servotel CallCenter Diens..

-$31K - $11K$96K austria85%

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How to use AOLserver

AOLserver is a powerful web server that has been around for over two decades. It was initially developed for hosting websites on AOL (America Online), which was the dominant internet service provider in the 1990s. However, AOLserver soon gained a reputation as a fast, reliable, and scalable web server that could handle high traffic websites. Today, AOLserver is still used by many companies to host their web applications.

If you're interested in using AOLserver, here are some basic steps to help you get started:

  1. Install AOLserver The first step is to download and install AOLserver on your system. You can find the latest version of AOLserver on the official website or from GitHub. AOLserver is available for Windows, Linux, and other Unix-based operating systems.

  2. Configure AOLserver Once you have installed AOLserver, you will need to configure it. The configuration file for AOLserver is called "nsd.tcl", and it's located in the "ns" directory. This file contains settings that control how the server runs, such as the port number it listens on and what modules it loads.

  3. Create Your Web Application After configuring AOLserver, you need to create your web application. AOLserver supports a variety of programming languages including Tcl, Perl, Python, C/C++, and Java. You can use any of these languages to develop your web application.

  4. Deploy Your Web Application To deploy your web application on AOLserver, you need to copy all your application files to the "web" directory in the AOLserver installation directory. Once your application files are in the "web" directory, you can start AOLserver using the command line or a script.

  5. Test Your Web Application After deploying your web application, you should test it to make sure everything is working correctly. You can access your web application by opening a web browser and navigating to the URL where your application is hosted. If everything is working as expected, you should see your web application running in the browser.

  6. Monitor AOLserver It's essential to monitor AOLserver to ensure that it's running smoothly and handling traffic correctly. You can use various tools to monitor AOLserver, including log files, performance metrics, and alerting systems.

In conclusion, AOLserver is a robust and reliable web server that is still popular today. By following these steps, you can quickly get started with AOLserver and start hosting your web applications. With its scalability and high-performance capabilities, AOLserver is an excellent choice for companies looking for a fast and reliable web server.

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