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AntV G2 is a visualisation tool used for creating statistical charts with high interactivity. It is built on top of the data-driven grammar of graphics and provides a wide range of charting options such as bar charts, pie charts, line charts, scatter plots, and more. The tool enables users to create complex visualisations through a simple API, and it is compatible with multiple platforms and frameworks such as React and Vue.js.

AntV G2 allows users to customize various aspects of their charts including color schemes, legends, labels, and tooltips. Additionally, it has support for animations which can enhance the user experience by adding more dynamism to the visualisations. This tool can be used for both static and real-time data visualisation applications.

Overall, AntV G2 serves as a powerful tool for creating interactive, data-driven, and aesthetically pleasing statistical charts.

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38 companies are currently using AntV G2


Pionex US

cryptocurrency exchange w..

65 Employees$40K - $4K$89K united states ..23%Export
GeneGoCell Inc.

genegocell provides high-..

21 Employees$26K - $40K$86K united states ..38%Export

Bridging the new economy

37 Employees$46K - $23K$85K canada77%Export
LConnect Job Myanmar

“ 𝐁𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞 �..

12 Employees$37K - $17K$54K myanmar44%Export

efficiency in one solutio..

24 Employees$24K - $49K$79K france82%Export
agniko home services priv..

rest edunga bossu- leave ..

3 Employees$38K - $25K$80K india27%Export

living in the iot world -..

5 Employees$12K - $18K$60K spain27%Export


37 Employees$16K - $22K$91K china56%Export
EVI Services Limited

15 Employees$17K - $49K$64K hong kong23%Export

worldwide fashion own&par..

10 Employees$19K - $31K$90K france29%Export
Key To Online - Web Servi..

take your business online..

1 Employees$22K - $24K$89K india62%Export

pionew ireland, a registe..

3 Employees$13K - $27K$77K ireland80%Export
Shanghai Agilemobi Co., L..

19 Employees$17K - $35K$80K china85%Export

committed to the innovati..

6 Employees$35K - $45K$51K -100%Export

an easier way in influenc..

3 Employees$12K - $46K$66K -68%Export

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Using AntV G2 for finding leads

The provided list contains an array of companies exploiting the benefits of AntV G2 for their statistical data visualization. Being a compilation of up-to-date information, it represents an excellent tool for lead generation, as it provides sales teams with otherwise hard-to-come-by data.

Prospecting for potential clients is expedited by this list's easy-to-navigate format. It allows sales representatives to determine which businesses could be ripe for products or services complementary to AntV G2. In addition to that, the list presents the opportunity to identify trends among industries and businesses that utilize this technology, subsequently guiding the focus of sales and marketing efforts more effectively.

By understanding who uses AntV G2, sales teams are able to tailor their pitch regarding how their product or service can enhance or supplement the business's current utilization of the visualization tool. This precise targeting can lead to improved conversion rates, making the list an indispensable resource.

In terms of business growth opportunities, understanding the scale and diversity of AntV G2 users may give indications towards future market trends, strategic partnerships, or even competitive niche markets yet to be exploited. These insights could prove valuable for any sales team to sharpen their value proposition and stimulate deeper conversation around business needs.

Additionally, presenting this comprehensive list increases transparency, allowing for easier comparison of potential customers, fostering a sense of community among similar companies, consequently granting the ability to better extrapolate related needs and offer fitting solutions.

Overall, the list of companies using AntV G2 paves the way for carefully focused approach in the sales process, assuring leads are perfectly aligned with the company’s offering thereby increasing the chance of successful lead generation.

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