Companies using Akka HTTP


Akka HTTP is a toolkit and a server-side implementation of HTTP for building reactive web services and clients based on the Akka toolkit. It provides support for both synchronous and asynchronous programming models, with an intuitive and easy-to-use API to create RESTful APIs, WebSockets, and HTTP/2 applications. Its core features include routing, unmarshalling/marshalling, streaming, and request/response handling. Akka HTTP also integrates well with existing Akka actors, which enable developers to build fault-tolerant and scalable applications. By leveraging Akka Streams, Akka HTTP can handle large volumes of data efficiently and in a non-blocking manner. Additionally, it supports various protocols such as SSL/TLS, HTTP basic/digest authentication, and compression. Overall, Akka HTTP is a powerful and flexible tool that simplifies the development of reactive and high-performance web applications in Scala or Java.

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27 companies are currently using Akka HTTP


Time Out Spain

comunicamos, entretenemos..

61 Employees$41K - $23K$96K spain95%Export
Time Out Group plc

the best of the city

652 Employees$30K - $40K$67K united kingdom..40%Export

we invest in human potent..

4 Employees$17K - $21K$50K united states ..70%Export
Intersport Slovenija

dobrodošli na uradnem lin..

49 Employees$48K - $6K$65K slovenia62%Export
Padverb Corp

a podcast interview platf..

5 Employees$8K - $47K$74K united states ..42%Export
Time Out Istanbul in Engl..

your ultimate guide to li..

4 Employees$22K - $4K$64K türkiye14%Export
Time Out México

32 Employees$34K - $18K$81K mexico69%Export

2 Employees$48K - $18K$62K united kingdom..40%Export
Follow Me Agency

we manage premium influen..

2 Employees$30K - $41K$72K ireland42%Export
Time Out İstanbul

İstanbul'un yaşam rehberi..

4 Employees$7K - $40K$90K türkiye19%Export
Time Out Portugal

the soul of the city

12 Employees$44K - $7K$58K portugal15%Export
Time Out Croatia

2 Employees$6K - $50K$54K croatia95%Export
Time Out Bangkok

cool things to do new res..

5 Employees$10K - $40K$51K thailand70%Export
Fitzpatrick Translational..

2 Employees$17K - $50K$75K united states ..2%Export
Timeout Restaurant

4 Employees$36K - $9K$63K united states ..15%Export

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Using Akka HTTP for finding leads

The list of companies using Akka HTTP provides an exceptional resource for sales teams for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it offers direct insight into organizations already deploying this fast, streaming-first HTTP server/module for building concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications on the JVM. This understanding highlights the pre-existing interest or need in solutions tied to concurrent, distributed, and fault-tolerant systems, depending on the specific department or segment in the company employing Akka HTTP.

Sales teams can use this list to target businesses that are clearly tech-savvy and interested in state-of-the-art solutions, enhancing the efficiency of the prospecting process. Knowing that a company uses Akka HTTP paints a clearer picture of the organization's technology stack and potentially its business model, especially in terms of data handling and service architecture. This allows sales teams to tailor their approach and offer more targeted products or services, which greatly increases the chance of a successful sale.

Furthermore, this list can act as a starting point for market analysis. By investigating commonalities between the companies in the list, trends, preferences, or characteristics could be identified, suggesting a broader market opportunity. This insight can shape sales strategies beyond the companies listed by identifying similar companies that might also be open to adopting or using Akka HTTP or related technologies.

In summary, this curated list of companies using Akka HTTP serves as a precise tool for lead prospecting, driving targeted sales activities, and fostering broader strategic planning in the field of concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven application technologies.

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