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Companies using Acquire Live Chat

Acquire Live Chat is a customer support tool that enables businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time. It is a part of the Acquire multi-channel customer support platform, which also includes features like email, voice, and social media support.

The live chat feature allows businesses to add a chat widget to their website, where customers can initiate a conversation with a support agent. The chat window opens up in the customer's browser, and the conversation happens in real-time.

Acquire Live Chat offers several features to enhance the customer support experience. For instance, it supports file sharing, so agents can send documents or images to customers during the chat. It also has canned responses, which are pre-written messages that agents can use to quickly respond to common queries.

Additionally, Acquire Live Chat includes chatbots, which can help automate the support process by answering simple questions or routing customers to the appropriate agent. This helps reduce wait times and improves the overall efficiency of the support team.

Overall, Acquire Live Chat provides businesses with a powerful tool to engage with their customers and provide fast, efficient support.

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226 companies are currently using Acquire Live Chat


Bremont Watch Company

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160 Employees$17K - $49K$58K united kingdom..74%Export

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38 Employees$20K - $14K$94K united states ..13%Export
Christie's Education

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48 Employees$19K - $2K$96K united kingdom..16%Export

the unified customer enga..

74 Employees$5K - $32K$61K united states ..80%Export

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72 Employees$39K - $13K$52K united states ..32%Export
Ashley Capital

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47 Employees$22K - $29K$53K united states ..64%Export
United Water Restoration ..

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167 Employees$42K - $16K$83K united states ..75%Export
Standard Electric Supply ..

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243 Employees$45K - $4K$61K united states ..66%Export

with our o&m services, ac..

35 Employees$39K - $44K$97K greece14%Export

careers at the world's le..

2,797 Employees$48K - $5K$73K united kingdom..73%Export
Trinity Logistics

people-centric freight so..

857 Employees$16K - $36K$68K united states ..45%Export
CovertTrack, a 3SI Compan..

technical surveillance sy..

8 Employees$36K - $29K$70K united states ..42%Export
Origin Bank

713 Employees$35K - $7K$55K united states ..63%Export
nest egg

the future of investment ..

12 Employees$6K - $3K$82K united states ..78%Export

ev wholesale auction

12 Employees$42K - $21K$86K united states ..3%Export

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Using Acquire Live Chat for finding leads

The list of companies using Acquire Live Chat is a highly valuable resource for any sales team. This platform is designed to articulate real-time customer support, making it an attractive feature for businesses requiring immediate responses to customer queries. Therefore, any organization included in this list recognizes the importance of on-the-go customer support and enhanced communication.

The inclusion of a company in this list indicates its understanding of the value of real-time interaction and customer satisfaction. These companies see the potential in a platform that streamlines customer engagement, reduces response times, and packs a punch of powerful features. Recognizing such a mindset highlights potential upselling opportunities for related, compatible products or services that align with their drive for customer centricity.

By exploring the list, sales teams could categorize companies based on how they use Acquire Live Chat, hence, further narrowing down their target group. Notably, researching selected organizations, understanding their needs and identifying any operational gaps could allow sales teams to tailor their products or services accordingly, offering bespoke solutions that resonate with the prospective company's existing operations.

Moreover, the list could act as a benchmark for organizations that are prospective leads. If industry-leading companies utilize Acquire Live Chat, it's likely to encourage others in the industry to consider a similar change, especially if they are lagging behind in customer support capabilities.

In conclusion, the list of companies using Acquire Live Chat acts as a springboard for sales teams. It allows them to identify leads that value real-time customer interaction and provides insights that could be used to craft personalized and compelling sales pitches. By understanding these company's needs, it becomes easier to recommend aligned technology solutions and ultimately increase chances of a fruitful sale.

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