Accentuate Custom Fields
Accentuate Custom Fields

Accentuate Custom Fields is a tool designed to enhance the functionality of Shopify stores by allowing users to create their own custom fields. These custom fields can include a range of different data types, such as text fields, images, checkboxes, dates, selection lists, and even custom JSON objects. By using Accentuate Custom Fields, users can add new content and features to their store without needing to have extensive coding knowledge or technical expertise. This makes it an ideal solution for anyone looking to customize their store in a variety of ways. With Accentuate Custom Fields, users can easily add multi-language text fields, which is particularly useful for stores operating in multiple countries or catering to a diverse audience. Additionally, the tool offers a range of customization options, allowing users to create custom fields that reflect their brand and meet their specific needs. Overall, Accentuate Custom Fields is a powerful and flexible tool that can help users take their Shopify store to the next level. Whether you're looking to add new content, improve functionality, or increase customer engagement, this tool provides an easy and effective solution.

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338 Companies using Accentuate Custom Fields

Moon Juice

intelligent self care®

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Stix Golf Co

look good. play better. s..

18$19K - $2K$85K united states ..9%

product design company he..

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love music? love vinylbox..

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skincare for flare-ups

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Aura Bora

welcome to aura bora land..

20$26K - $12K$39K united states ..46%

wardrobe essentials comfo..

108$31K - $49K$71K united states ..67%

redefining the way women ..

95$37K - $1K$164K united states ..3%
K18 Hair

🧬 k18peptide™ - the pate..

114$42K - $21K$219K united states ..85%
Once Upon A Farm

organic, cold-pressed sna..

131$4K - $27K$63K united states ..92%
Rowing Blazers

design lab for the classi..

24$32K - $5K$132K united states ..44%
Nécessaire, Inc.

personal care, reimagined..

32$5K - $12K$193K united states ..83%
Bird & Blend Tea Co.

☕ award-winning, independ..

81$32K - $46K$51K united kingdom..96%
Takeya USA

38$3K - $13K$114K united states ..80%

intentionally designed. e..

54$31K - $16K$329K united states ..44%

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How to use Accentuate Custom Fields

Accentuate Custom Fields is a powerful tool that allows you to add custom fields to your Shopify store. These custom fields can be used to add information about your products, collections, customers, and orders. With Accentuate Custom Fields, you can easily create multi-language text fields, images, checkboxes, dates, selection lists, and custom JSON objects.

To get started with Accentuate Custom Fields, you'll first need to install the app from the Shopify App Store. Once the app is installed, you can start creating custom fields for your store. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose the type of custom field you want to create: Accentuate Custom Fields offers a wide range of custom fields to choose from. You can create text fields, image fields, checkbox fields, date fields, selection list fields, or custom JSON object fields.

  2. Create your custom field: Once you've chosen the type of custom field you want to create, you'll need to set it up. This will involve giving your custom field a name, choosing the appropriate settings, and specifying what data you want to collect.

  3. Add your custom field to your store: Once your custom field is set up, you can add it to your store. You can do this by adding the custom field code to your product templates, collection templates, customer templates, or order templates.

  4. Start collecting data: Once your custom field is added to your store, you can start collecting data. Depending on the type of custom field you've created, you'll be able to collect text, images, checkboxes, dates, selections, or custom JSON objects.

  5. Use your custom field data: Once you've collected data in your custom fields, you can start using it. You can use the data to customize your store, create reports, or personalize your marketing efforts.

Overall, Accentuate Custom Fields is a powerful tool that can help you extend your Shopify store with your own custom fields. Whether you need to collect multi-language text, images, checkboxes, dates, selections, or custom JSON objects, Accentuate Custom Fields has you covered. With this app, you can easily create and manage custom fields for your store, and use the data you collect to improve your business.

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