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Zonos is a software and app solution designed for companies that engage in cross-border ecommerce. This platform provides tools to facilitate international commerce by assisting businesses with tasks such as calculating duties and taxes, managing product localization, and optimizing shipping rates. Zonos enables companies to customize their online shopping experience to cater to the preferences of customers in different countries. The platform allows businesses to streamline the checkout process by offering various payment options and eliminating language barriers. Additionally, Zonos offers tracking and reporting features to help businesses keep track of their sales, ensuring that they comply with international regulations.

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1,354 companies are currently using Zonos


Good Dye Young

good dye young cultivates..

14 Employees$11K - $13K$52K united states ..95%Export
Sarah Flint, Inc.

elegant design | exceptio..

45 Employees$32K - $35K$54K united states ..81%Export

welcome to the pique life..

34 Employees$23K - $9K$59K united states ..58%Export

on a journey to inspire a..

20 Employees$31K - $23K$89K italy48%Export
Irene Neuwirth

irene neuwirth is an inde..

28 Employees$12K - $25K$71K united states ..8%Export

bold • easy • luxe

45 Employees$5K - $47K$62K united states ..85%Export
Modern Picnic

not your average lunchbox..

20 Employees$22K - $22K$71K united states ..94%Export
Diaspora Co.

growing a better spice tr..

15 Employees$34K - $1K$90K united states ..92%Export
Herbivore Botanicals

truly natural, sensorial ..

61 Employees$10K - $49K$92K united states ..88%Export
Triple Aught Design

inspiring our community t..

20 Employees$31K - $26K$52K united states ..23%Export
Gemlux Fishing

the world's leading stain..

33 Employees$45K - $40K$93K united states ..81%Export

help people find their un..

18 Employees$49K - $2K$94K united states ..14%Export
Nickey Kehoe

modern hunters & gatherer..

37 Employees$36K - $45K$98K united states ..87%Export
Luxury Promise

the leading next-generati..

33 Employees$14K - $2K$97K united kingdom..51%Export

hair wellness, delivered...

113 Employees$46K - $38K$67K united states ..99%Export

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Using Zonos for finding leads

The comprehensive list of companies utilizing Zonos is an invaluable resource brimming with potential business opportunities. Each listing in the directory signifies a company that recognizes the need for sophisticated solutions in managing cross-border ecommerce transactions, highlighting their proactive nature and a global mindset. The presence of such companies signals lucrative territories for product or service offerings, which are related to international business, ecommerce, and logistics management.

The information in the list can help sales teams find and define their target audience. By identifying the companies already embracing Zonos, the teams get insights into their potential customers' mindset, which is characterized by an interest in innovation and global commerce. Knowing this information can refine their lead generation tactics and tailor their offerings, ensuring a precise fit between the products or services they are selling and the needs of these businesses.

Furthermore, the list provides insight into industry trends and potential opportunities within the cross-border ecommerce sector, helping sales teams to gauge market saturation, competition, and identify potential gaps in the market. With these insights, sales teams can strategically position their products or services to meet unaddressed needs or enhance existing solutions.

In essence, this list of companies using Zonos presents sales teams with qualified leads—businesses that are already investing in cross-border ecommerce solutions and likely to be receptive to associated offerings. This can significantly boost efficiency in lead prospecting, by focusing efforts towards leads with proven interest and capacity for investment in this niche.

In summary, deciphering this list of Zonos users provides an efficient approach to understand the market better, refine the lead prospecting strategy, and fuel business growth by zeroing in on companies that are likely to be interested in associated products or services. Understanding that these businesses are already in the global commerce space, the sales teams can fine-tune their approach and enhance their chances of securing favorable business opportunities.

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