Companies using ESW

ESW (eShopWorld) is a company that offers payment, shipping, and delivery services for cross-border ecommerce. It provides a platform that enables online retailers to sell their products in different countries by handling customs, taxes, and tariffs. ESW ensures a seamless end-to-end customer experience by managing the entire fulfillment process from checkout to delivery. It also offers a range of payment options and fraud protection to ensure secure transactions. ESW's logistics services include global carrier management, parcel tracking, and returns processing. The company has a focus on providing localized experiences for customers in different regions, with features like multi-currency pricing and language support. ESW works with various brands and retailers across industries such as fashion, beauty, electronics, and more. Its goal is to help businesses expand globally by simplifying the complexities of cross-border ecommerce.

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46 companies are currently using ESW



ultralight performance hu..

87 Employees$17K - $2K$97K united states ..68%Export
Catbird NYC

the finest fine jewelry. ..

174 Employees$17K - $14K$56K united states ..92%Export
Tarte Cosmetics

high-performance natural ..

1,067 Employees$11K - $2K$63K united states ..70%Export
JOANN Stores

we’re stitched together b..

7,135 Employees$28K - $2K$88K united states ..77%Export

beauty marries function.

214 Employees$39K - $42K$54K switzerland23%Export
Wilsons Leather

574 Employees$7K - $37K$61K united states ..93%Export
Weatherman Umbrella

the world's most unforget..

12 Employees$40K - $36K$95K united states ..59%Export
Chrome Hearts

402 Employees$3K - $9K$77K united states ..17%Export
The Donna Karan Company, ..

812 Employees$18K - $24K$85K united states ..50%Export

move your lee®

975 Employees$16K - $17K$95K united states ..67%Export

wrangler® is an american ..

750 Employees$17K - $32K$57K united states ..12%Export
La Senza

empowering women worldwid..

895 Employees$33K - $41K$67K united states ..47%Export

145 Employees$49K - $17K$98K united states ..35%Export
Olivia Burton

25 Employees$28K - $27K$61K united kingdom..33%Export
Gruppo Rossignol Italia

il gruppo rossignol itali..

4 Employees$9K - $40K$72K italy2%Export

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Using ESW for finding leads

The compiled list of companies utilizing ESW services brings invaluable opportunities to sales teams. These businesses have been identified as partaking in cross-border ecommerce, and their use of ESW underlines a significant commitment to efficient, hassle-free payments, shipping, and delivery for their customers.

Understanding this, the list presents a focused collection of prospects for sales teams. It allows them to tailor their pitch to the needs of companies engaged in international ecommerce. Companies on this list may potentially face challenges unique to cross-border commerce, including payment processing, logistics, customer experience, and regulatory compliance. Hence, these companies likely see value in solutions that address such issues and make cross-border operations smoother.

Sales teams from various sectors, like logistics, payment gateway providers, customer support, or compliance solutions providers, can potentially position their offerings as valuable tools to these businesses. Utilization of ESW signals that these companies are ready to invest in solutions that optimize their cross-border operations.

It's also worth mentioning that these companies, by virtue of being engaged in international ecommerce, might have a footprint in various markets. Sales teams can use this information to strategize their global expansion play, or to pitch products and services that are localized for particular markets.

In summary, the list becomes a unique resource, providing businesses valuable leads who are already committed to enhancing cross-border commerce. It opens avenues to sales strategy that are shaped by knowledge of a lead's operation, offering an advantage in the competitive world of sales.

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