Companies using GlobalShopex

GlobalShopex is a logistics ecommerce solution that provides an easy-to-integrate platform for online businesses to expand their sales globally. With GlobalShopex, businesses can sell their products in over 200 countries without worrying about the complexities associated with international shipping and customs clearance. The platform offers a range of services including tax calculation, fraud screening, currency conversion, and compliance management. Additionally, GlobalShopex provides end-to-end order tracking, enabling businesses to monitor the progress of their shipments from the moment they leave the warehouse until they reach the customer's doorstep. By using GlobalShopex, businesses can enhance their global reach, increase revenue, and streamline their international operations, while offering international customers a seamless shopping experience.

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49 companies are currently using GlobalShopex



argent is changing the ru..

75 Employees$24K - $23K$80K united states ..5%Export

we bring art to life.

29 Employees$31K - $49K$67K united states ..40%Export
Kiefer Aquatics

we are the leading distri..

52 Employees$49K - $29K$97K united states ..15%Export

going global has never be..

15 Employees$45K - $2K$83K united states ..25%Export

blauer makes innovative a..

135 Employees$14K - $10K$86K united states ..72%Export
Pillow Guy

9 Employees$28K - $33K$78K united states ..37%Export

portmantos is your destin..

13 Employees$47K - $28K$67K united states ..90%Export
Acme United Corporation

246 Employees$37K - $23K$72K united states ..59%Export
Omax Health

life to the max

5 Employees$36K - $4K$57K united states ..54%Export
Medals of America

18 Employees$40K - $35K$69K united states ..95%Export
Windsor Fine Jewelers

34 Employees$39K - $45K$55K united states ..89%Export
Medals of America

veteran owned and operate..

4 Employees$21K - $12K$72K united states ..81%Export
Acacia Creations

handcrafted for modern li..

4 Employees$44K - $40K$57K united states ..92%Export
Clauss Brand

1 Employees$44K - $5K$63K united states ..27%Export
Global Shopex Company

5 Employees$2K - $46K$81K united states ..8%Export

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Using GlobalShopex for finding leads

The compilation of companies utilizing GlobalShopex, a logistics ecommerce solution, is a valuable resource for sales teams aiming to expand their sales funnel. This constantly updating list can aid in the identification of businesses for potential collaborations or sales-related initiatives.

These companies have already showcased their willingness to adapt to innovative ecommerce solutions like GlobalShopex to reach international markets, thus hinting at their progressive business approach. This makes them potential targets for sales teams offering contemporary business services, products, or technologies.

Moreover, this collection of companies spans various industries and sizes, offering diversity in potential leads for sales teams. Being aware of the companies using GlobalShopex allows a sales team to custom-tailor their offerings based on the needs and characteristics of each business.

Considering the increase in global ecommerce, companies adopting GlobalShopex are likely to be experiencing growth or expansion. Sales teams can surge through these growing businesses, offering essential services or products that would facilitate this progress.

Derived insights through pattern recognition from the compiled list can also be employed as a powerful tool. By identifying common aspects among the different companies using GlobalShopex, sales teams can optimize their business strategies. They might unveil industry trends, preferred business models, or pinpoint sectors where their product or service is likely to gain traction.

Ultimately, the list of companies using GlobalShopex provides a valuable starting point from where sales teams can identify potential leads that match their target customer profiles. This could lead to more meaningful engagement, higher chances of conversions, and eventually, increased revenue.

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