Companies using Userpilot

Userpilot is a cloud-based product experience platform that provides behavior-triggered experiences to onboard users and increase product adoption. It is designed for customer success and product teams to help them improve user engagement and retention. Userpilot enables teams to create personalized user experiences based on in-app behaviors, such as completing onboarding tasks or reaching a certain milestone. This helps teams to understand user behavior and deliver in-app guidance to users when they need it the most. Userpilot offers various features like A/B testing, segmentation, analytics, and integrations with other tools to provide better insights and automation capabilities. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, non-technical teams can easily create and launch targeted campaigns without needing any coding skills. Overall, Userpilot is a comprehensive solution that allows companies to create a delightful user experience and increase product adoption.

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49 companies are currently using Userpilot



education assistance bene..

126 Employees$39K - $38K$76K united states ..3%Export

we are on a mission to ma..

76 Employees$11K - $27K$64K portugal75%Export

bildia es el software en ..

14 Employees$16K - $7K$71K spain67%Export

opensponsorship connects ..

26 Employees$12K - $18K$83K united states ..45%Export
GameSense Sports

train your instinct

11 Employees$30K - $31K$85K united states ..28%Export

phantombuster opens a new..

55 Employees$49K - $41K$89K france25%Export

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86 Employees$22K - $16K$56K sweden99%Export
logo Állásportál

pályakezdő és junior állá..

16 Employees$17K - $38K$62K hungary17%Export

a premier talent communit..

7 Employees$41K - $3K$53K united states ..3%Export
Get Your Nest™

intentionally smarter hom..

7 Employees$44K - $37K$62K united states ..11%Export

fullsession helps compani..

7 Employees$46K - $47K$86K united states ..43%Export
Leadenhall Insurance

developing tailored insur..

44 Employees$40K - $27K$68K poland56%Export

revolutionizing performan..

8 Employees$19K - $13K$96K united states ..89%Export

apprendre autrement

14 Employees$49K - $29K$90K france1%Export

the engagement platform t..

10 Employees$23K - $43K$75K canada67%Export

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Using Userpilot for finding leads

This list provides invaluable insight into businesses that are leveraging Userpilot. Being a cloud-based product experience platform designed for customer success and product teams, Userpilot is used by many businesses of different sizes and sectors to enhance their user onboarding processes and increase product adoption.

It is of significant value to sales teams as navigating through this list can provide a plethora of actionable information. Sales professionals can uncover companies from various industries utilizing Userpilot, providing a clear picture of potential prospects. Moreover, by comprehending how different organizations leverage the platform, unique selling points to similar potential clients can be discerned.

Sales professionals can analyze these Userpilot clients' business environments, requirements, and pain points, adapt their strategies, and tailor their proposals to meet those needs more effectively. Furthermore, these businesses' investment in the Userpilot platform shows a readiness to invest in solutions that enhance customer success - a cue for sales teams selling related products or services.

For Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) looking for leads, this list could serve as a blueprint. By knowing which companies are using Userpilot, they can infer business characteristics, market trends, and observe any industry-specific applications. All this information helps in preparing a message that resonates with the lead, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

In discussions with prospects, the list can serve as a strong "social proof" tool. By showing companies, perhaps even well-known ones, that use Userpilot, it can instill confidence in potential clients, increase credibility, and showcase the real-world applicability of the platform.

In conclusion, the list of companies using Userpilot is an instrumental resource for sales teams. It offers a window into a pool of potential clients already investing in customer success and product adoption strategies, and aids in lead prospecting, customizing sales pitches, and presenting convincing proof of the platform's relevance.

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