Companies using BlueConic

BlueConic is a customer data platform that helps businesses consolidate their first-party data from different sources such as websites, mobile applications, and customer relationship management systems. By providing a single view of the customer, BlueConic enables companies to create personalized marketing campaigns that deliver meaningful experiences to their customers.

With BlueConic, businesses can unify their customer data into one place, allowing them to understand the behavior and preferences of their customers. This information can then be used to create targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with customers.

BlueConic also helps companies comply with data privacy regulations by providing tools to manage consent and preferences for data collection and usage. This ensures that businesses are collecting data in a way that is transparent and respects the privacy of their customers.

In summary, BlueConic is an advanced customer data platform that helps businesses consolidate and leverage their first-party data to create more personalized and effective marketing campaigns while maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations.

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2,284 companies are currently using BlueConic


BridgeTower Media

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146 Employees$46K - $10K$78K united states ..77%Export
Experience Kissimmee

welcome to kissimmee- the..

77 Employees$12K - $25K$96K united states ..70%Export
Greentech Media

greentech media has been ..

39 Employees$7K - $36K$82K united states ..55%Export
Breeders’ Cup World Champ..

the world championships o..

57 Employees$13K - $39K$51K united states ..35%Export
ENGIE Energie Nederland N..

samenwerken, prioriteiten..

535 Employees$40K - $9K$100K netherlands16%Export

jobbird has over 100,000 ..

15 Employees$35K - $40K$66K netherlands88%Export
HMP Education

Imedex is now HMP Educati..

42 Employees$30K - $17K$65K united states ..59%Export
Texas Monthly

texas attitude, national ..

198 Employees$49K - $34K$90K united states ..27%Export

etfs that enable you to s..

54 Employees$34K - $3K$98K united states ..19%Export
Technomic, Inc.

vital insights for the fo..

181 Employees$26K - $16K$65K united states ..90%Export
Food Inspiration

experience the food and s..

34 Employees$31K - $35K$66K netherlands20%Export

running a business withou..

139 Employees$49K - $36K$99K netherlands90%Export
Massachusetts Lawyers Wee..

the statewide legal newsp..

24 Employees$42K - $17K$72K united states ..19%Export

the world’s first custome..

179 Employees$39K - $7K$89K united states ..5%Export

news for the next generat..

8 Employees$39K - $50K$66K belgium49%Export

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Using BlueConic for finding leads

As a curated assembly of businesses employing BlueConic, the list on this page serves as a valuable resource. This customer data platform aids in unifying a firm's first-party data, liberating it from various systems, thus its utilization may indicate a company's commitment to personalized customer experience and data-driven marketing strategies.

Access to such a roster can greatly aid sales teams in their quest to find viable leads. Understanding and categorizing which companies utilize BlueConic can enable a focused evaluation of potential clients who possibly value data integration and customer focus, making them candidates for similar technologies or services.

Moreover, inclusion of a business in this collection might reasonably suggest their willingness to invest in advanced data management tools. This could signify a broader interest in products or services that align with digital transformation projects, sophisticated data analytics, or personalization strategies, offering an array of valuable openings for sales teams to explore.

Even more, contact with companies on this list could open discussion towards challenges they may face with current data integration and personalization, making them open to new opportunities, innovations, or enhancements.

In essence, this catalog presents a concentrated set of potential leads who have already demonstrated a propensity for investing in progressive tech solutions, offering a valuable springboard for sales teams in their lead generation efforts.

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