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Upfluence is a comprehensive platform designed for ecommerce and direct-to-consumer brands that enables them to conduct affiliate and influencer marketing campaigns. This all-in-one solution makes it easy for businesses to partner with affiliates and influencers who can help promote their products or services. With Upfluence, businesses can manage their campaigns from start to finish, including creating custom landing pages for promotions, monitoring campaign performance, and compensating affiliates and influencers for their efforts. The platform also provides tools for identifying potential partners based on criteria such as followers, engagement rates, and demographics. Overall, Upfluence streamlines the process of running effective marketing campaigns through affiliate and influencer partnerships, saving businesses time and resources while increasing brand exposure and revenue.

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53 companies are currently using Upfluence


Clio Snacks

we're the type of people ..

58 Employees$45K - $43K$50K united states ..59%Export

the training manual for y..

123 Employees$29K - $23K$66K united states ..54%Export
Touch of Modern

83 Employees$6K - $40K$69K united states ..42%Export
Azazie, Inc.

the leading dtc e-tailer ..

161 Employees$30K - $16K$95K united states ..38%Export
Otto Wilde Grillers GmbH

work on the wilde side

40 Employees$16K - $17K$54K germany14%Export

we're building the go-to ..

148 Employees$12K - $33K$64K united kingdom..8%Export

let's strengthen the bond..

247 Employees$25K - $50K$53K austria54%Export
Still Austin Whiskey Co.

grain-to-glass whiskey di..

46 Employees$27K - $12K$66K united states ..100%Export

🐾we facilitate peace of ..

100 Employees$45K - $10K$57K united states ..28%Export
ABP Technology Ltd.

stealth and 4gamers - gam..

17 Employees$31K - $13K$56K united kingdom..21%Export
Judie AI

unleashing the full poten..

7 Employees$22K - $30K$90K united states ..13%Export
The Jacket Maker

20 Employees$36K - $18K$84K united arab em..80%Export
UNIONBAY Sportswear

keeping it casual since 1..

61 Employees$24K - $47K$74K united states ..58%Export
Carson Dellosa Education

we create products that i..

126 Employees$7K - $4K$78K united states ..26%Export
Waves Audio

waves audio is the world-..

540 Employees$6K - $44K$96K israel57%Export

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Using Upfluence for finding leads

The list of companies using Upfluence is a powerful resource for sales teams aiming to explore and tap into niche markets. Being privy to this exclusive information opens doors for strategic communications, directly addressing businesses that leverage influencer and affiliate marketing.

Why is this list valuable?

  1. Identify Potential Partnerships: Knowing which companies are using Upfluence can help sales teams identify potential partnerships. These companies understand the value of influencer and affiliate marketing, making them potential ideal customers for similar solutions or related products.

  2. Customized Approach: Understanding the profile of a company already using Upfluence might help in customizing pitching strategies. For instance, specific solutions that resonate with ecommerce businesses or direct-to-consumer brands can be emphasized.

  3. Competitive Analysis: This list can provide useful insights for competitive analysis. By studying the profile of companies using the platform, one can gain insights into the types of businesses that find value in this type of marketing, which can guide decisions when building or augmenting similar solutions.

  4. Market Research: This list can support market research efforts. It is a valuable tool for identifying market trends and understanding the landscape of businesses engrossed in influencer and affiliate marketing.

  5. Lead Qualification: Using this list, sales teams can conduct advance lead qualification, filtering for companies that would have a vested interest in similar offerings. This would help maximize sales efforts by focusing on high-prospect leads.

To summarize, the list of companies using Upfluence is more than a pool of names - it's a vast reservoir of potential leads that could transform into profitable partnerships. With this knowledge, sales teams can tailor their strategies for optimum success.

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