Companies using Affiliatly

Affiliatly is an affiliate marketing software that provides ecommerce store owners the ability to create an affiliate program for their online store. This program allows store owners to incentivize others to promote their products by offering them a commission on sales generated through their unique referral link. Affiliatly offers a range of features including commission tracking, affiliate management, customizable commission structures, and payment processing. It also provides analytical tools that allow store owners to track the performance of their affiliates and optimize their marketing strategy accordingly. With Affiliatly, ecommerce store owners can leverage the power of affiliate marketing to increase their reach, drive traffic to their site, and boost sales.

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2,638 companies are currently using Affiliatly


TUSHY: For People Who Poo..

tushy is a fast-growing l..

78 Employees$11K - $8K$85K united states ..12%Export

run smarter. improve perf..

13 Employees$6K - $42K$77K united kingdom..16%Export
Boosted, Inc.

introducing the next gene..

24 Employees$9K - $8K$58K united states ..52%Export
Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics ..

'to be sweet and sweeten ..

25 Employees$30K - $32K$92K united states ..43%Export
VMP (Vinyl Me, Please)

lost sounds found

45 Employees$31K - $38K$71K united states ..90%Export

16 Employees$21K - $40K$65K united states ..51%Export
Nutrex Research, Inc.

your drive. our fuel!

43 Employees$21K - $14K$59K united states ..71%Export

smart wooden play

7 Employees$15K - $43K$67K united states ..32%Export

zero-waste products by de..

21 Employees$35K - $34K$64K belgium74%Export

the digital face of the p..

27 Employees$39K - $22K$93K canada3%Export
Sonic Tools

professional tools. profe..

33 Employees$49K - $13K$73K united states ..61%Export

build your world

47 Employees$15K - $11K$95K united states ..54%Export
Music Radio Creative

unleash the power of soun..

21 Employees$39K - $41K$75K united kingdom..27%Export
Legendary Foods

high protein. low net car..

46 Employees$30K - $7K$59K united states ..59%Export
Diadem Sports

an american-based perform..

37 Employees$44K - $26K$77K united states ..75%Export

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Using Affiliatly for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies using Affiliatly provides a unique value proposition for sales teams. In the vast landscape of ecommerce, discerning which businesses leverage affiliate marketing can be grueling. By having direct access to this valuable information, sales professionals can quickly identify potential leads that believe in the power of affiliate marketing.

Affiliatly, known for its ecommerce-centered affiliate marketing software, is adopted by those who understand the importance of influencers, bloggers, and affiliate networks in driving online sales. Companies utilizing Affiliatly have arguably advanced marketing strategies, potentially indicating their openness to cutting-edge solutions that can improve their ecommerce capabilities.

The affiliation between a company and Affiliatly can be a strong signal for sales teams, indicating the company's readiness to invest in technologies that enhance their affiliate marketing efforts. Thus, the list minimizes the wasted effort of reaching out to companies that may not be a potential customer due to their lack of understanding or investment in affiliate marketing software.

However, it is equally crucial for sales teams to not merely identify potential leads but also to gain insights that can cater to effectively engaging these leads. A clear knowledge of how a prospective lead is deploying Affiliatly's software can offer meaningful conversation starters, cement credibility, and, in many cases, align the sales pitch according to the lead's needs.

In summary, this list of companies using Affiliatly serves as an invaluable resource in fueling business growth. It aids in not only locating prospective customers in a targeted manner but also empowering the sales teams with insights that can translate into increased outreach effectiveness and conversions.

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