Affiliatly is an affiliate marketing software that provides ecommerce store owners the ability to create an affiliate program for their online store. This program allows store owners to incentivize others to promote their products by offering them a commission on sales generated through their unique referral link. Affiliatly offers a range of features including commission tracking, affiliate management, customizable commission structures, and payment processing. It also provides analytical tools that allow store owners to track the performance of their affiliates and optimize their marketing strategy accordingly. With Affiliatly, ecommerce store owners can leverage the power of affiliate marketing to increase their reach, drive traffic to their site, and boost sales.

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1,388 Companies using Affiliatly

Crown Affair

mindful care for healthie..

37$45K - $14K$44K united states ..77%

qallo® is a sugarfree pow..

5$14K - $12K$19K belgium32%

hack your metabolism

232$23K - $15K$518K israel26%
Boosted, Inc.

introducing the next gene..

24$38K - $2K$0 united states ..77%

explore further with jack..

90$47K - $31K$97K united states ..12%
Music Radio Creative

unleash the power of soun..

21$37K - $43K$113K united kingdom..92%

mega sculpting fashion

27$22K - $43K$169K united states ..93%
BPerfect Cosmetics

bperfect cosmetics is a b..

78$39K - $14K$83K united kingdom..4%
PS Seasoning

at ps seasoning, our craf..

64$37K - $24K$74K united states ..31%
BetterYou Ltd

health and wellbeing comp..

41$2K - $19K$65K united kingdom..83%
Rif care

rif care is a first of it..

7$7K - $12K$17K united states ..69%
Blix Electric Bikes

blix makes compelling ele..

33$31K - $37K$82K united states ..79%
Crap Eyewear

funky, bioacetate eyewear..

26$32K - $19K$85K united states ..85%
O My Bag Amsterdam

bags that make you happy...

39$9K - $12K$78K netherlands58%
Anne Louise Boutique

owned by anne dempsey. be..

6$39K - $7K$17K united kingdom..84%

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How to use Affiliatly

Affiliatly is an affiliate marketing software that can be used by eCommerce store owners to create and manage their own affiliate program. Here are the steps you can take to use Affiliatly:

  1. Sign up for Affiliatly: You can sign up for Affiliatly on their website. After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to set up your account.

  2. Set up your affiliate program: Once you have signed up and logged in to your account, you will need to set up your affiliate program. This involves creating commission rates, setting up banners and links, and customizing your program's settings.

  3. Recruit affiliates: After setting up your program, you can start recruiting affiliates. You can do this by reaching out to potential affiliates or by adding an affiliate signup form to your website.

  4. Manage your program: Affiliatly provides a dashboard where you can manage your affiliate program. You can view reports, approve or reject affiliate applications, and track commissions.

  5. Pay your affiliates: Finally, you will need to pay your affiliates for their referrals. Affiliatly makes it easy to track commissions and pay affiliates through PayPal or other payment methods.

Overall, using Affiliatly can help you create a successful affiliate program for your eCommerce store, which can drive more sales and increase your revenue.

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