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Tapfiliate is a cloud-based affiliate marketing software that enables businesses to create and manage their own affiliate program. With Tapfiliate, businesses can easily set up an affiliate program with just a few clicks and start tracking their affiliates' performance.

With Tapfiliate's user-friendly platform, companies can invite affiliates to join their program, provide them with custom referral links, and track their sales and commissions in real-time. The software allows businesses to automate commission payouts, making it easy for them to compensate their affiliates for the sales they generate.

Tapfiliate also provides businesses with tools to optimize their affiliate program. By analyzing data on affiliates' performance, businesses can identify top-performing affiliates and reward them accordingly. They can also identify areas where their program is underperforming and make adjustments to improve its overall effectiveness.

Overall, Tapfiliate is an excellent tool for businesses looking to grow their online sales. By leveraging the power of affiliate marketing, businesses can tap into a wider audience and increase their revenue without having to invest in expensive advertising campaigns.

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1,640 companies are currently using Tapfiliate



the world's first luggage..

29 Employees$44K - $39K$82K united kingdom..39%Export

just #quickllyit

32 Employees$3K - $16K$54K united states ..69%Export
Merlin AI by Foyer

👉 your personal ai assis..

31 Employees$35K - $24K$66K united states ..11%Export

your low-code automation ..

58 Employees$30K - $3K$95K germany87%Export

run learning & developmen..

53 Employees$20K - $45K$88K canada22%Export

feedvisor is the “ai-firs..

81 Employees$42K - $27K$60K united states ..6%Export

build better models, fast..

101 Employees$6K - $20K$72K united states ..98%Export

business text messaging

42 Employees$28K - $9K$91K united states ..20%Export

create images, videos, an..

36 Employees$9K - $16K$57K united states ..60%Export

bringing self-development..

17 Employees$13K - $38K$70K united kingdom..13%Export

the experiences and ticke..

73 Employees$46K - $11K$80K spain79%Export
Token Metrics

an ai-driven crypto resea..

37 Employees$14K - $47K$81K united states ..65%Export
Insured Nomads

benefits simplified for m..

23 Employees$42K - $1K$97K united states ..12%Export

hipaa compliant email mad..

53 Employees$37K - $34K$93K united states ..97%Export
Avail, by Realtor.com

avail provides tools, sup..

68 Employees$41K - $9K$56K united states ..43%Export

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Using Tapfiliate for finding leads

On this page, a comprehensive catalogue of companies utilizing Tapfiliate is compiled, offering immense value to sales teams prospecting potential leads.

The list serves as an efficient tool for doing business-to-business research, identifying potential customers who already understand the significance of affiliate marketing software, hence presenting a unique ecosystem of businesses with an established interest and investment in this area. Moreover, this focus also implies a certain level of tech-savviness and a progressive business approach that may be compatible with other advanced solutions.

As a way to qualify leads, sales teams can cross-reference this list with their own industries and target markets. By locating overlaps, informed decisions can be made regarding potential clients who already find value in similar software solutions, hinting at their readiness to consider further investments into new tools and technologies.

Additionally, this list can promote competitor analysis. By examining the various industries and company sizes that use Tapfiliate, sales representatives can gain insights into trends, helping them formulate more effective outreach strategies.

Here's the value added: By knowing which companies actively use Tapfiliate, representatives can tailor their pitches to the specific needs and pain points of companies already familiar with affiliate marketing software, and hence maximize the potential for conversions.

Armed with this knowledge, sales teams can reduce time spent on preliminary research and immediately focus on creating tailored, meaningful connections. Details provided about the associated companies — like their industry, size, and location — can nurture and inform sales strategies, ensuring each lead pursued is with intent, purpose, and relevance.

Overall, this list of companies using Tapfiliate integrates a valuable layer of intelligence into lead prospecting efforts, dramatically increasing chances of securing successful, high-value relationships.

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