Companies using Transcend

Transcend is a data privacy management and compliance platform that helps organizations simplify their data privacy workflows. It provides a centralized system to manage data subject requests, consent management, and data inventory in accordance with global privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD.

With Transcend, organizations can easily track and respond to data subject requests such as access, deletion, and rectification, ensuring that they are handled within the required time frame. The platform also enables companies to manage user consent, including obtaining and tracking consent across multiple channels and touchpoints, which helps them stay compliant with privacy regulations.

Transcend's data inventory feature allows organizations to discover and map personal data across their systems, helping them better understand their data and comply with data protection requirements. Additionally, the platform provides customizable reports and analytics to help organizations monitor their privacy compliance posture and identify potential areas for improvement.

Overall, Transcend is a powerful tool that simplifies data privacy management and helps organizations meet their regulatory obligations. By using Transcend, companies can streamline their privacy workflows and improve their compliance posture, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives while managing data privacy risks.

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1,473 companies are currently using Transcend



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Using Transcend for finding leads

This list of companies using Transcend is a valuable resource for sales teams ready to pitch solutions that complement or integrate with data privacy management. Being privy to this roster allows for better targeting, by identifying companies prioritizing data privacy and compliance.

For a sales team aiming to prospect for leads, understanding the technology stack of a potential client is vital. In this case, knowing that a company utilizes Transcend indicates that they take data privacy compliance seriously. As such, they may show interest in related products – such as data security solutions, privacy compliance consulting services, or software that integrates well with Transcend's offerings.

The value of this list extends beyond targeting: it can assist with tailoring pitches and sales proposals. Knowing that a company is a Transcend user suggests a certain level of compliance awareness, and sales pitches and materials can be adjusted accordingly to underscore how the product or service in question enhances or supports data privacy compliance capabilities.

Further, this list proves useful during preparation for client meetings and calls. In-depth knowledge of the client's tech stack and their invested interest in data privacy management may give sales teams an edge in discussions, helping convey a sense of understanding and alignment with the client's needs and business goals.

Overall, sales teams can maximize their efforts with a more targeted approach and personalized outreach, finding potential leads among companies that are already investing in robust data privacy solutions like Transcend.

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