Companies using CIVIC

CIVIC is a technology that provides cookie control solutions for websites, allowing users to give or revoke consent to the use of cookies. It helps website owners comply with privacy regulations and gives users more control over their data. CIVIC enables website owners to display a banner or pop-up to request user consent before storing cookies on their browsers. This technology allows users to choose which types of cookies they want to accept and which ones they want to block. By using CIVIC, website owners can also monitor cookie usage on their site and provide transparent information about how cookies are used. Overall, CIVIC is an important tool for website owners to maintain compliance with privacy regulations while giving users more control over their online privacy.

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10,159 companies are currently using CIVIC



reclaim your data destiny..

93 Employees$43K - $12K$87K united kingdom..93%Export

manage your entire school..

80 Employees$11K - $28K$94K united kingdom..48%Export

inspiring developers to b..

44 Employees$20K - $48K$65K united states ..84%Export
binx health

creating new categories o..

92 Employees$25K - $23K$70K united states ..43%Export

augmenting reality since ..

67 Employees$35K - $45K$88K united kingdom..37%Export

senseon hyperautomates th..

78 Employees$49K - $2K$65K united kingdom..88%Export

the social network for he..

15 Employees$7K - $36K$92K united kingdom..32%Export
Mereo BioPharma

mereo biopharma is a clin..

39 Employees$18K - $7K$97K united kingdom..67%Export
iPlato Healthcare

simplifying access to hea..

69 Employees$23K - $15K$88K united kingdom..39%Export

acin is a leading provide..

163 Employees$5K - $10K$60K united kingdom..92%Export

fuelling your digital suc..

10 Employees$26K - $49K$94K united kingdom..5%Export

developing smarter tech f..

270 Employees$33K - $17K$67K united kingdom..25%Export

hassle-free privacy manag..

29 Employees$19K - $33K$72K sweden80%Export
Morphic Therapeutic

122 Employees$29K - $10K$68K united states ..69%Export

empowering workspace recy..

19 Employees$15K - $9K$98K united kingdom..77%Export

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Using CIVIC for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies utilizing CIVIC technology offers significant value for sales teams. It acts as an invaluable resource for identifying potential leads in an efficient and timely manner.

CIVIC, a prominent provider of cookie control for user consent and usage, is a mainstay in many businesses web compliance strategies. The variety of businesses employing this technology signifies in-depth market penetration. Each name on this carefully curated list represents potential sales opportunities.

For sales teams specifically targeting companies that prioritize digital compliance, this list proves to be an asset. It provides a direct link between vendors offering complementary solutions and companies that are conscious of their data protection responsibilities, hence they might be interested in related services or products.

Identifying businesses that care about their online legal obligations suggests a sophisticated approach to online strategy – promising terrain for solutions dealing in data protection, web analytics, or user experience enhancements, to name a few.

More generally, all sales teams can save precious resources by having a ready-made list of businesses that are likely value-driven, compliance-focused, and technologically literate. This may speed up the lead prospecting process, as sales teams can tap into a pre-qualified audience instead of having to locate and identify them individually.

Moreover, recognizing trends in business types or industry sectors that commonly use CIVIC can help to craft personalized, effective sales pitches. It can also assist in predicting emerging markets, giving sales professionals an added edge in a competitive environment.

Delving further into the list, the usage of CIVIC technology can indicate a company’s budget for web technologies and compliance needs, enabling sales professionals to classify their leads effectively.

In sum, a list of companies using CIVIC can streamline lead prospecting, improve sales pitch personalization, and bolster industry trend analysis, acting as a major asset to sales teams.

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