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Osano is a cloud-based data privacy platform that offers businesses an easy and efficient way to become compliant with key data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Osano helps businesses avoid legal issues, fines, and damaged reputations by ensuring their website's compliance with the latest data protection regulations.

The platform offers various features that enable businesses to assess their website's privacy policies and practices, track user consent, and manage data subject requests. The tool provides users with customizable banners and consent forms that can be easily integrated into websites to collect user consent for data processing.

Osano also simplifies the process of evaluating the risk level of third-party vendors used by businesses by providing detailed vendor assessments. The platform enables businesses to monitor vendor compliance and ensure that vendors are also adhering to data privacy regulations.

Overall, Osano is an all-in-one data privacy solution that makes it easier for businesses to protect user data, reduce legal risks, and maintain compliance with complex data protection regulations.

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145,933 companies are currently using Osano


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Using Osano for finding leads

The list of companies using the Osano data privacy platform is an invaluable asset to sales teams looking to target business operations intent on complying with data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA. This list not only indicates which companies prioritize cybersecurity and data protection concerns, but also reveals an untapped market interested in products or services related to privacy, data management, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance.

Sales teams can leverage this list to cater their sales strategies based on the understanding that these companies are conscious and forward-thinking about data privacy. These companies would likely be interested in supplementary products that boost their privacy protection, decrease their exposure to risk, or streamline their compliance processes.

In addition, if a business is using Osano, it's a clear indication they're investing resources into maintaining high-level data privacy standards. This can be particularly beneficial for sales teams providing high-value, premium solutions as it suggests potential leads will have the resources and willingness to invest in robust products and services.

The list can offer geographic insights as well since companies complying with GDPR are often operating in or dealing with the European marketplace, while CCPA-compliant organizations are linked with the California area. These insights can help sales teams adjust strategies suitable for international or regional contexts.

In summary, this list of Osano-using companies provides a window into a niche market, giving sales teams valuable leads that appreciate the importance of data privacy, and are thus likely to invest in solutions that can further augment their privacy protocols and compliance processes.

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