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Companies using Cookie Script

Cookie Script is a technology that helps website owners comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by providing a solution for managing cookies on their websites. When visitors land on your website, it automatically scans all cookies and categorizes them into necessary and non-necessary categories.

Necessary cookies are essential for the website to function correctly, and non-necessary cookies are deemed less essential and require consent before the website can use them. Cookie Script adds descriptions to each cookie found on the website, which allows visitors to understand what data is being collected about them, why it's being collected, and how it's being used.

The GDPR requires that website owners must have explicit consent from visitors before collecting their data via cookies. Cookie Script provides pop-up banners that appear and inform the visitors of the use of cookies on the website, asking for their consent.

Cookie Script also offers additional features such as customization of pop-up banners, location-based settings, and automatic cookie scanner updates. The technology is simple to integrate and easy to use, making it an ideal solution for website owners looking to comply with the GDPR.

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23,678 companies are currently using Cookie Script


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Using Cookie Script for finding leads

This list of companies using Cookie Script exhibits significant value for sales teams seeking fresh and promising leads. As a tool predominantly used for scanning, categorizing, and describing all cookies found on a website, businesses leveraging Cookie Script showcase a strong commitment to customer data privacy and GDPR compliance. This trait can be an appealing factor to businesses selling related products or services.

Sales teams can utilize this list in various ways:

Identify High-Value Prospects: Businesses that use Cookie Script may be more likely to invest in privacy-focused solutions or services related to digital lawfulness. These could be prime candidates for digital privacy products, cybersecurity services, or legal consultancy in areas like GDPR or CCPA.

Customization of Sales Pitch: Knowing which company uses Cookie Script can help sales teams to tailor their pitches or product demonstrations to address the specific needs and challenges associated with cookie management, data protection, and privacy regulations.

Competitive Analysis: The list can serve as a window into market trends, showing sales teams which industries or sectors are taking significant steps towards data privacy. This can help in fine-tuning products or services to align with business needs within those sectors.

Detailed Segmentation: The list can help in identifying patterns and trends within sectors, industries, or geographies. This aids in the detailed segmentation of leads, enabling more targeted and effective sales strategies.

Partnership Opportunities: For businesses offering complementary products or services, this list can spotlight potential partnership opportunities. For instance, an enterprise offering consent management platforms may find potential partners among companies using Cookie Script.

In essence, this curated list of companies acknowledges the important role of Cookie Script in businesses today and offers sales teams a valuable resource for prospecting, lead generation, and market analysis.

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