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SharpSpring Ads is a comprehensive digital advertising platform that allows businesses to create, launch, and manage their online ads across various channels such as search engines, social media platforms, display networks, and video platforms.

With SharpSpring Ads, businesses can easily set up targeted campaigns and optimize them through advanced targeting options. The platform's AI-powered technology ensures that the ads reach the right audience at the right time, resulting in better engagement and increased ROI.

SharpSpring Ads provides users with detailed analytics and reporting features, enabling them to track the performance of their campaigns and gain insights into what works and what doesn't. Moreover, the platform's intuitive interface makes it easy for users to navigate and make data-driven decisions.

One of the unique features of SharpSpring Ads is its integration with SharpSpring's marketing automation software. This integration allows for seamless lead generation and nurturing, ensuring that businesses can convert potential customers into loyal ones.

Overall, SharpSpring Ads is an all-in-one digital advertising solution that helps businesses effectively target and engage with their audiences while providing valuable insights and automation capabilities to optimize their advertising efforts.

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14,322 companies are currently using SharpSpring Ads



we grow local banks

15 Employees$23K - $40K$66K united states ..2%Export
Chiron Financial LLC

we’re more than investmen..

24 Employees$38K - $43K$93K united states ..86%Export

world-class branding. cl..

31 Employees$13K - $15K$70K united states ..42%Export

creating banking products..

27 Employees$22K - $39K$70K united states ..51%Export

renewable energy | wind- ..

20 Employees$41K - $4K$74K germany77%Export

nimble, simple, and power..

36 Employees$22K - $20K$96K united states ..59%Export
Hound Labs, Inc.

safety + fairness™

88 Employees$14K - $2K$75K united states ..57%Export
Engagedly Inc

real-time performance man..

128 Employees$41K - $18K$80K united states ..85%Export
eSpark Learning

no-prep differentiated in..

57 Employees$34K - $49K$57K united states ..31%Export

employee mentoring made e..

135 Employees$27K - $46K$68K united states ..53%Export
GameRefinery, a Liftoff C..

start building better gam..

33 Employees$19K - $37K$57K finland89%Export

abre is k-12’s #1 modern ..

44 Employees$34K - $31K$63K united states ..92%Export

redefining consumer exper..

66 Employees$28K - $22K$96K united states ..18%Export

modern account opening fo..

106 Employees$24K - $22K$57K united states ..18%Export

360 employee recognition ..

122 Employees$42K - $47K$99K united states ..67%Export

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Using SharpSpring Ads for finding leads

Herein lies the value of the list of companies that actively implement SharpSpring Ads, an all-in-one retargeting platform.

Leveraging this list, sales teams can gain insights into prospective clients who understand and value advanced web technologies, particularly as pertains to digital marketing. As these firms already utilize SharpSpring Ads for their retargeting needs, there's a clear indication of their dedication to staying competitive and incorporating novel technologies to achieve their goals.

From that perspective, valuable opportunities arise for businesses offering complementary solutions or services. Solutions that can potentially enhance the efficacy of the clients' existing marketing efforts, or service providers specializing in digital marketing who can offer them strategies to maximize the positive impact of their SharpSpring Ads implementation. For instance, providers of advanced analytics software or digital marketing consulting services may find these leads valuable.

Furthermore, the list serves as an indicator of the prospective client's budget allocation capabilities. Given SharpSpring Ads' comprehensive platform, it's reasonable to assume the companies listed might have sufficient resources to spend on appropriate marketing technologies and services. Thus, this list could open up possibilities for larger contracts or long-term commitments.

Moreover, this list provides a focused way for sales teams to tailor their outreach. By using it, they're targeting companies already receptive to sophisticated platforms like SharpSpring Ads. This fact can steer conversations, pitches, and proposals towards how their product or service can further leverage technology to boost their prospects' marketing performance.

Thus, it becomes evident that this list of companies using SharpSpring Ads is a valuable resource for sales teams. With its help, they can identify leads faster, approach the right firms with fitting solutions, and ultimately close meaningful business relationships.

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