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Blue is a suite of web technologies and tools designed for ecommerce businesses to enhance their marketing strategies. It offers features such as data marketing, lead generation, real-time bidding, and recommendation solutions to help businesses gather insights about customer behavior, increase sales, and improve the overall shopping experience. With Blue, businesses can analyze customer data to make informed decisions about targeted advertising and personalized recommendations. The platform also provides real-time bidding capabilities, which allow businesses to bid on ad placements and adjust their bids based on performance metrics. Overall, Blue is a powerful solution that can help ecommerce businesses optimize their marketing efforts and drive growth.

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1,218 companies are currently using Blue



just #quickllyit

32 Employees$8K - $5K$78K united states ..68%Export
Xero Shoes

live life feet first

56 Employees$1K - $42K$62K united states ..81%Export

your time, enjoy what mat..

14 Employees$20K - $8K$60K spain6%Export

shopping da manutenção

47 Employees$41K - $43K$84K brazil39%Export

transformando a sociedade..

146 Employees$10K - $24K$96K brazil82%Export

cute quality clothing at ..

113 Employees$20K - $22K$76K united states ..32%Export
Mother Sparsh

no.1 trusted brand by der..

75 Employees$26K - $25K$93K india48%Export

everyday for your big day..

165 Employees$46K - $4K$79K brazil1%Export

346 Employees$15K - $39K$87K united states ..55%Export
Blue Media Services

retargeting - performance..

101 Employees$8K - $46K$78K brazil79%Export

we are a team. we want to..

61 Employees$21K - $48K$91K spain47%Export
Moda in Pelle

creating fashionable foot..

207 Employees$32K - $28K$95K united kingdom..42%Export
Novo Mundo Móveis e Utili..

não queremos ser a maior ..

3,249 Employees$2K - $4K$97K brazil42%Export
Curiosity Inc.

the global entertainment ..

87 Employees$21K - $9K$54K united states ..86%Export
Pax Assistance

asistencia al viajero cre..

28 Employees$30K - $2K$86K united states ..31%Export

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Using Blue for finding leads

This list of companies serves as a powerful resource for sales teams seeking to target potential customers who already recognize the value of ecommerce data marketing and lead generation tools. Companies on this list utilize Blue, an advanced solution for real time bidding and recommendation systems–primarily for boosting their ecommerce strategies, therefore, indicating their readiness to invest in quality technologies.

Exploring this comprehensive list offers opportunities to identify the industries, company sizes, and regions where Blue's solution has already gained traction. This can provide insights into market trends, helping predict which companies might be open to similar solutions. Armed with this knowledge, sales reps can efficiently streamline their prospecting process and focus on leads likely receptive to their offerings.

A further advantage is the ability to understand each listed company's strategic decision to use Blue. By analyzing the functional goals they aimed to achieve with the platform, sales teams can tailor their pitches to highlight how their product matches or exceeds those objectives. This unique advantage can enhance the relevance of their proposition, thereby increasing the prospects of closing deals.

This list is not static. It also marks evolving trends, reflecting new additions and changes over time. Regularly referencing the list provides teams with a real-time snapshot of the dynamic marketplace, allowing them to adapt and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

In conclusion, the value of this list lies in its ability to refine lead generation and targeting strategies, reduce unnecessary effort, foster deeper understanding of client needs, and ultimately, deliver a more compelling sales pitch. To maximize efficiency and improve conversion rates, sales teams can leverage this valuable resource to stay impeccably informed about the Blue user community.

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