Companies using Reddit

Reddit is a social news and discussion website where users can submit posts, images, and links on various topics in the form of "subreddits". These subreddits are specific communities that cover various themes such as news, entertainment, science, technology, gaming, and more. Reddit allows users to vote on content submitted by others, which determines its ranking on the platform. Users can also comment on posts and participate in discussions, creating an interactive community. The site has a reputation system where users who contribute positively to the community earn points called "karma". Reddit is known for its active user base and engagement, and has been the source of many popular internet memes and trends.

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1,083 companies are currently using Reddit



haix ai helps companies s..

19 Employees$26K - $48K$78K united kingdom..81%Export
Thinknum Alternative Data..

join the businesses who h..

15 Employees$50K - $19K$74K united states ..90%Export

revolutionizing early dis..

99 Employees$40K - $50K$74K united states ..53%Export
Sublime Systems

low-carbon cement - witho..

85 Employees$35K - $3K$93K united states ..3%Export
Bright Computing

build and manage linux cl..

37 Employees$47K - $24K$61K united states ..43%Export
SE Ventures

powering growth for pione..

20 Employees$14K - $39K$55K united states ..59%Export
Context Labs BV

88 Employees$38K - $41K$69K united states ..92%Export

on-site, zero carbon, dig..

59 Employees$3K - $18K$96K united states ..16%Export
Renewable Choice Energy

this page is no longer ac..

11 Employees$34K - $43K$92K united states ..10%Export
NCS - National Citizen Se..

No We Can

435 Employees$37K - $47K$64K united kingdom..36%Export
Schneider Electric

our mission is to be the ..

81,456 Employees$21K - $48K$71K france65%Export
dwarfs and Giants

rewriting the future of o..

19 Employees$43K - $15K$67K austria68%Export

decarbonizing the physica..

182 Employees$14K - $40K$52K united states ..46%Export
Tulip Interfaces

unlocking human potential..

370 Employees$16K - $24K$76K united states ..57%Export
Vanderbilt University

the official linkedin pre..

11,967 Employees$3K - $46K$92K united states ..38%Export

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Using Reddit for finding leads

Finding an inventory of companies utilizing the Reddit platform can be a remarkable asset for sales teams looking to find leads. This directory provides an instantaneous insight into organizations leveraging Reddit's potential and brings instant value in several ways.

  1. Target Audience Insight: By understanding a firm's participation on Reddit, its target market becomes evident. Generally, organizations use Reddit to engage with a specific demographic. Sales teams can utilize this information to modify their approach to those organizations.

  2. Product Alignment: If the offerings align with the interests of the Reddit audience, it provides an excellent opportunity for cross-promotion or collaborative initiatives. This can help in planning for upselling or cross-selling opportunities.

  3. Competitor Analysis: Identifying competitors in this list allows for analysis of their Reddit strategies, providing insights that could be used to refine your selling strategy.

  4. Potential Partnership: Firms on this list are already aware of and recognize the value of Reddit. If your product or service can enhance their Reddit experience, it can be a potent selling point.

  5. Trend Discovery: By understanding popular topics amongst these organizations on Reddit, sales teams can keep abreast with industry trends. These insights can be vital in tailoring sales pitches and demonstrating market-savviness.

  6. Proactive Prospect Identification: Lastly, this comprehensive compilation makes it easier to promptly identify prospects. Sales teams can reach out to companies actively using Reddit, skipping the step of determining if a prospect is a good fit for the platform.

Utilization of this list, hence, enables a streamlined, informed, and strategic approach to lead discovery and nurturing. The essence lies not just in identifying companies using Reddit, but in tapping into the valuable insights provided, enhancing the effectiveness of your sales team endeavours.

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