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uKnowva is an open-source digital platform that provides enterprise collaboration and knowledge management solutions. It offers features such as document management, project management, task management, communication tools, and more. uKnowva also includes social networking functionalities to facilitate collaboration among team members. It can be used by small to large organizations to streamline their internal processes, increase productivity, and improve team collaboration. As an open-source solution, uKnowva allows developers to customize and extend its functionality according to specific business needs. The platform is built using PHP and uses Apache as the web server. It requires MySQL or MariaDB as the database management system. uKnowva is easy to install and comes with a user-friendly interface for efficient navigation and control. Overall, uKnowva is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to enhance their collaboration and information management capabilities.

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7 companies are currently using uKnowva


Adnet Global

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380 Employees$40K - $6K$86K india12%Export

Global Home for Project C..

4 Employees$40K - $14K$54K philippines42%Export

5 Employees$42K - $39K$72K india69%Export
Jain Swetamber Terapanthi..

3 Employees$4K - $13K$88K india56%Export
Adnet Infos stems Private..

- Employees$23K - $15K$95K india49%Export

- Employees$24K - $40K$99K united kingdom..27%Export
Controlled Project Manage..

- Employees$12K - $13K$89K united states ..96%Export

Using uKnowva for finding leads

The list of companies using uKnowva represents a concentrated pool of potential leads for sales teams in the digital solutions space. These organizations have already demonstrated an interest in innovative software solutions, making them prime prospects for sales teams with relevant offerings.

The key to effective salesmanship is understanding the customer's needs and pains, and this list allows sales teams to do just that. The knowledge that a prospect is using uKnowva suggests that they value modern, collaborative, and flexible business solutions. They are not averse to engaging with technology to streamline their business processes and improve operational efficiency.

The compiled list provides a wealth of information, offering a deep well of opportunities to facilitate targeted outreach strategies, custom-tailored product demonstrations, and personalized proposal development. Utilizing this list helps to segment the market, and allows for more accurate targeting, enhancing the probability of successful conversions.

Each company on this list represents an opportunity to dive deeper and understand their business model, their needs, and the challenges they face in their industry. This ability to identify potential pain points and to align these with the features of your product or service can be transformative for driving sales success.

With a list of companies using uKnowva at their disposal, sales teams can cultivate meaningful conversations around technology adoption, digital transformation, and business process management. A well-informed conversation like this can greatly increase the chances of standing out to potential clients in an ever-crowded marketplace.

By providing a direct pathway to companies interested in web technologies, this list boosts sales efficiency by saving the time spent on prospecting. Ultimately, this can lead to a quicker sales cycle, giving teams more time to focus on fostering connections and less time searching for leads.

To sum things up, the list of companies using uKnowva is more than just a collection of names. It's a powerful resource for sales teams - a tool that facilitates focused, strategic prospecting and meaningful engagement with potential leads.

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