Companies using IPB


IPB stands for Invision Power Board. It is a proprietary internet forum software that allows users to create and manage online discussion forums. IPB provides a range of features such as user registration, posting threads, replying to threads, private messaging, polls, and file attachments. Additionally, it has a user reputation system which allows the community to rate and rank members based on their contributions to the forum. IPB also supports various plugins and add-ons which can enhance its functionality. It is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database for storage. IPB is used by many large online communities and websites due to its extensive range of features and customization options.

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415 companies are currently using IPB



the easy-to-use crm to sc..

10,419 Employees$9K - $45K$92K united states ..62%Export
Invision Community

helping brands increase c..

14 Employees$19K - $3K$59K united states ..70%Export
Greenberg Lasik

dr. jason greenberg, one ..

7 Employees$14K - $14K$54K united states ..5%Export
HubSpot Academy

we aim to educate and ins..

102 Employees$14K - $46K$80K united states ..36%Export
ATK Conseils - Centre de ..

construire demain

30 Employees$3K - $39K$65K france47%Export
Immersive Learning Resear..

seeking, showcasing, and ..

12 Employees$18K - $6K$94K united states ..23%Export
The HR Analytics ThinkTan..

researching, measuring an..

8 Employees$25K - $40K$92K united kingdom..54%Export
International Food Safety..

international food safety..

4 Employees$38K - $36K$73K united kingdom..74%Export
Teal Swan

4 Employees$49K - $15K$67K united states ..34%Export
Eiges & Orgel, PLLC

9 Employees$22K - $15K$86K united states ..38%Export
Parlons peu, Parlons Ergo..

le podcast de vulgarisati..

13 Employees$39K - $44K$99K france32%Export
IPB Communications

we create communications ..

2 Employees$47K - $4K$87K united kingdom..59%Export

a global network of motio..

28 Employees$31K - $2K$96K united states ..77%Export
Digital Twin Hub

knowledge-sharing communi..

13 Employees$18K - $44K$54K united kingdom..70%Export
International Holocaust R..

a world that remembers th..

49 Employees$11K - $27K$81K germany71%Export

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Using IPB for finding leads

This listing of companies currently utilizing IPB (Invision Power Board) technology provides invaluable insight for sales team members looking to prospect effectively.

Firstly, the list offers a proven snapshot of active participants in the digital community space, indicating that these enterprises value fostering connections, engaging audiences, and building an online presence. As a salesperson, recognizing these characteristics can aid in tailoring the approach and proposal to resonate with potential leads.

Additionally, the listing presents an opportunity to comprehend industry trends. It shows which sectors are actively investing in community platforms like IPB, providing solid grounds to base strategic sales efforts upon.

Besides general industry trends, the list can be used to identify direct competitors of potential leads. This helps in understanding the tactics employed by these competitors and building a business case around it. Moreover, gaining insight into the tech-stack competitors use can serve as leverage during the sales conversation.

Furthermore, the list could act as a starting point for cross-selling or upselling other complimentary products. If a company is using IPB, they may also be interested in other tools and services that integrate well with it.

Finally, the utilization of IPB by a company also reveals that they are open to adopting technologies to drive their online communities and are likely to be receptive to other tech solutions that can enhance their operations. The list can help a sales team to identify these companies, understand their needs, and proactively address them.

The value derived from this list of IPB user companies is multi-fold and can significantly augment a sales team's efficiency and success in lead prospecting.

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