Companies using Postscript

Postscript is a marketing platform that allows Shopify stores to send SMS and MMS messages to their customers. It enables businesses to create and automate targeted marketing campaigns, including abandoned cart reminders, promotions, and shipping alerts. Postscript also provides analytics tools to track campaign performance, subscriber growth, and revenue generated from SMS and MMS messages. The platform integrates with popular e-commerce apps and services such as Klaviyo, ReCharge, and Gorgias.

Postscript uses a markup language called PostScript Language (PSL) to format and generate high-quality graphics and text for printing and display. PSL is a Turing-complete programming language that supports complex mathematical calculations, conditional statements, loops, and other advanced features. Postscript files can be created using any text editor or design software, and can be printed on any Postscript-compatible printer without loss of quality or fidelity. In summary, Postscript is a powerful marketing tool that leverages SMS and MMS messaging to help Shopify stores increase customer engagement and drive revenue growth.

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3,096 companies are currently using Postscript


Haven's Kitchen

we make bold, better-for-..

20 Employees$3K - $22K$66K united states ..67%Export

beauty & body essentials ..

26 Employees$1K - $43K$55K united states ..55%Export
Halfday Iced Tea

a new generation of iced ..

33 Employees$2K - $10K$82K united states ..28%Export
TUSHY: For People Who Poo..

tushy is a fast-growing l..

78 Employees$12K - $41K$88K united states ..2%Export
Duck Camp

premium outdoor goods bui..

32 Employees$34K - $30K$68K united states ..43%Export

the simple, reusable alte..

40 Employees$13K - $45K$89K united states ..45%Export

waiakea hawaiian volcanic..

65 Employees$16K - $18K$78K united states ..40%Export
Honey Mama's

refrigerated truffle bars..

43 Employees$44K - $46K$85K united states ..13%Export
High Brew Coffee

cold brew for those who d..

32 Employees$22K - $8K$59K united states ..89%Export

protein-packed meat snack..

127 Employees$13K - $30K$86K united states ..46%Export
Thrive Causemetics Inc.

bigger than beauty™ - for..

85 Employees$14K - $18K$96K united states ..54%Export
Nguyen Coffee Supply

the 1st vietnamese-americ..

32 Employees$37K - $21K$84K united states ..98%Export

oats with benefits

63 Employees$30K - $31K$95K united states ..75%Export
thirteen lune

beyond skin. beyond beaut..

32 Employees$7K - $40K$85K united states ..55%Export
Glow Recipe

fruit-forward. clinically..

105 Employees$16K - $36K$96K united states ..7%Export

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Using Postscript for finding leads

The list of companies using Postscript provides a rich source of valuable lead information for sales teams. Given that Postscript is a premier SMS and MMS marketing platform tailored specifically for Shopify stores, understanding who is using this technology can unlock a variety of unique prospects to connect with.

In a business landscape where knowing your customer is paramount, gaining access to this list means obtaining insights into companies investing in advanced eCommerce marketing tools. Understanding who these Shopify businesses are could significantly streamline a sales team's prospecting, enabling them to tailor their approach to firms that clearly prioritize modern, digital-first marketing strategies.

This list can aid in identifying potential clients on multiple levels. Firstly, it opens the door to companies that are likely to be forward-thinking, technologically-oriented, and invested in improving their customer engagement tactics - all attributes attractive in potential leads. Secondly, by knowing the specific technology these businesses utilize, sales teams can refine their messaging to these companies, ensuring relevancy and specificity that enhances engagement.

Moreover, the list also presents opportunities to firms that offer products or services to support or improve the use of Postscript, or even rival or complementary technologies. In this way, it's an invaluable resource, teeming with a promising range of prospects.

In summary, the list of companies using Postscript offers an exceptional opportunity for sales teams - a bridge to high-value leads who understand the significance of tech-informed marketing solutions. It can guide sales efforts, pinpointing receptive parties already engaged with eCommerce marketing technologies and enabling a tailored proposition that speaks directly to their business needs.

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