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MailerLite is an email marketing tool and website builder that helps businesses of all sizes to create, manage and send email campaigns to their subscribers. With MailerLite, users can design customizable landing pages, pop-ups, and subscription forms for their websites without any coding knowledge. It also offers automation features like triggered emails, segmentation, and A/B testing to improve the email campaign's performance. The tool provides real-time analytics and insights into the campaigns' results, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Businesses can use MailerLite to build, grow and engage with their audience, promote products or services, and increase sales. The platform also offers integrations with various third-party apps such as Shopify, WordPress, and Salesforce to streamline the workflow. Overall, MailerLite is a helpful email marketing tool that simplifies the email marketing process for businesses and makes it easy to connect with their customers.

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28,208 companies are currently using MailerLite


Prism Digital

we are prism digital, a d..

14 Employees$39K - $22K$60K united kingdom..60%Export
RDX Works Ltd

radically different defi

76 Employees$40K - $40K$90K united kingdom..27%Export
Magic Square

magic square is a discove..

36 Employees$32K - $26K$60K cyprus41%Export

leader in recruiting/job ..

47 Employees$9K - $16K$53K united states ..55%Export

supporting high school st..

78 Employees$27K - $23K$65K united states ..69%Export
Output Sports

simple, portable & cost e..

31 Employees$19K - $20K$83K ireland63%Export
Breeze Technologies

fighting air pollution wi..

13 Employees$16K - $9K$50K germany52%Export

specialist recruitment to..

80 Employees$19K - $20K$59K united kingdom..38%Export

beau. pratique. électriqu..

38 Employees$20K - $42K$57K france68%Export

what's next in payments &..

97 Employees$12K - $43K$88K united states ..33%Export

reimagines the exchange o..

40 Employees$48K - $33K$55K switzerland64%Export

enabling care without bor..

16 Employees$42K - $3K$62K united states ..55%Export

39 Employees$49K - $30K$68K united states ..54%Export

leading drone autonomy so..

74 Employees$18K - $33K$58K united states ..55%Export

smart insight communities..

37 Employees$49K - $25K$60K united states ..42%Export

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Using MailerLite for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies using MailerLite represents an invaluable resource for sales teams in multiple ways. Given that MailerLite is an innovative email marketing tool and website builder suitable for businesses of all sizes, the list of its users transcends various industries and niches. The diversity of companies that make use of MailerLite signifies the vast potential opportunities for suppliers and service providers.

Notably, the value in possessing this list comes from the insights it provides into the digital marketing efforts and strategies of companies within it. Businesses using MailerLite understand and appreciate the value of robust digital marketing tools. Thus, they are likely to be more receptive to pitches related to improving their digital marketing campaigns or optimizing their online presence.

Sales teams can use the list as an efficient lead generation tool. Each company on the list is a potential client, and knowing that they use MailerLite means there's already an established interest in email marketing solutions and website design. This information enables a sales team to fine-tune their approach and offer targeted solutions to these potential customers.

Furthermore, contacts in this list have shown willingness to invest in web technologies, indicating that they may be open to considering other products or propositions that align with their marketing objectives or technical needs.

In prospecting activities, the primary challenge is time. Having access to this list of MailerLite users helps sales teams save time and resources spent on finding prospects and identifying their needs. Instead, they can focus on refining their offerings and tailor their messages to suit the preferences of these companies, enhancing the overall sales productivity.

To summarize, this list of companies using MailerLite offers definite value by revealing potential leads across various sectors, providing insights into their marketing perspectives, and thereby improving efficiency and results in sales prospecting.

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